Sample Essay on Screening, Search and Detection

According to Pearson (2015), scientists have come up with an easy way of detecting diseases before their complete effect- the folding paper microscope. This microscope can enlarge objects up to 2000 times their normal size. The microscope is more valuable and applicable in biotechnology. The device is the cheapest instrument so far to be acquired. The device is produced on a thick paper and easily folded. It is barely $1 while its parts such as the lens costing less than 50 cents.

The folding microscope is expected to influence the public into scientific research and understanding of their surroundings (Pearson, 2015). The public can therefore rise to complement the government on their security. Children are also to be encouraged to partake in research. Children can effortlessly bear it and use it. This device has been portrayed as one of the products the world is requires. It is around four times better than other microscopes. It is besides long-lasting. This device is best applied in the public health. It can also be applied to draw the curiosity of children.

Overall Contribution to the HLS Enterprise

The folding microscope can be applied in most of the research field. Entomologists have succeeded in using the device to research on insects, plant cells and fungi (Pearson, 2015). Unlike other microscopes, the folding microscope has a magnification of up to 480X. This device is best applied in the public health. Due to its nature, the public can be drawn into research field. So far, children have managed to examine banana seeds by means of this product. This is according to an entomologist who has tested the apparatus (Pearson, 2015). Parasitic worms can also be viewed. Thus, this device is instrumental to the health practitioners. They can easily, cheaply, and safely diagnose illnesses in the blood. It is as a result effectual in identifying diseases.

 Implications for the Future

This implies that research will be manageable to most of the people. They can easily carry out an experiment and examine a sample in its natural surroundings. The fact that it is easy to carry around implies that scientists will have an easier time managing their studies. It is economical. Consequently, the cost of carrying out research will greatly reduce. More findings will also be available, as the time for research shall have been greatly reduced. It will be easier to detect diseases, as the invention will be commercialized. Hence, the public will be able to acquire it. It is cheap. Thus, most people will manage to acquire it. Children will moreover be persuaded to embrace science. They will easily make new studies wherever they are. Security wise, the public will become aware of their environment. This is due to its great contributions to biotechnology. The public will therefore be more autonomous.

Alternatives to Using Specific Technology

This is a current device, which is yet to be publicized. There is need to develop it to improve the diagnosis of diseases. In the meanwhile, medical practitioners are advised to continue using previous forms of microscopes to detect diseases such as influenzas and other outbreaks. Previous microscopes can amplify objects up to 500 times their normal sizes. Scientists are advising the public to rely on the present devices, as they are still effective. The folding microscope is an improved version of the previous microscopes.



Pearson, M. A Folding Paper Microscope? Its Real. CNN News. September 8th, 2015.