Sample Essay on Fighting Domestic Terrorism

Homeland security is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping American citizens safe by fighting domestic terrorism. This is a tough challenge due to the difficulty of identifying terrorists before they strike. This calls for the application of technology and human resource extensively to ensure that the security organ is effective in its job. A perfect system that is able to predict and prevent all terrorist acts before they occur is impossible to develop. However, a computer system linked to all CCTV cameras can be effective in this duty (Ted, 70). In addition, this system would have a face recognition system connected to the FBI and CIA databases which contain information about millions of Americans. The system should also be connected to the registrar of person database to obtain further details about people.

The system would also have access to phone records and would be designed in a way to flag any conversations that appear to contain possible terrorist threats. These conversations would be forwarded to law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on the suspects. This kind of system is possible to develop in conjunction with the private sector especially software developers. The government already has details of most of its citizens which makes it easy to use a face recognition system together with cameras to identify suspects who are captured on camera engaging in suspicious activities (Ted, 74).

The next concept would involve tracking the activities of people who are suspected of being associated with terrorist groups. This will likely expose more people who might have evaded the attention of the law enforcers even though they are key players in terrorist activities. This concept would also be dependent on the cooperation of the public with Homeland to ensure that all suspects are closely watched (Ted, 32).

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