Sample Research Proposal Paper on Paintings for Corporate Office

Following the recent task assigned to me to check on the best painting for the corporate office, the following has are some of the paintings of the stated impressionism and post impression. It is recommended that the office choose replica of these paintings so that it would save on its finances. The various paintings have been chose from the 19th century impressionist works and the pos impressionist movement. Some paintings have been made ready and are

19th Century Impressions
Garden at Sainte-Adresse

A replica of this painting would be perfect for the office indoors. The painting was done by Claude Monet, who lived between 1840-1926.the paintings done during the summer season displays a view of Honfleur seen far in the horizon. It is said that the models in the painting might have been Monet’s father, mother, sister and cousin. This painting would be perfect for a corporate office due to its projection of affluent family living an environment full of an activity but maintains its beauty. The painting also shows corporate world whereby two different countries are represented by flags to show their corporation.

The Houses of Parliament

Another work of Claude Monet painted in 1903-1904.the painting is also known as the effect of fog and displays London’s Thames river. The tall buildings in the painting shows description of a corporate world, where businesses and offices are located in tall skyscrapers. The house of parliament gives the impression of a government. Government affects corporate world through it regulations and is a symbol of power, which must respected by everyone in the corporate world. Images of boats can be seen in the painting to further stress the theme of business activities happening in towns.

Portrait at the Stock Exchange

A painting done by Edgar Degas in 1878-1879.the painting display the recommended physical appearance in the corporate world. The painting was done by Edgar to show that he has knowledge about money matters even though he refused to get involved in those issues. Corporate world is full of agitated characters and the painting shows agitated people around Edgar with their faces hidden. The painting fits well in the corporate world because it goes back to history to show financial conspiracy, which was observed leading to bankruptcy of some households such as Edgar’s. This painting has evidence of impressionism on it, for example the abstract brushstrokes visible on the painting

Sunday on La Grande Jatte

The painting belongs to the movement of shows middle-class resting on Sunday with their family members. During weekdays, middle class people are occupied in their work places and so they take time out on Sunday for recreation. People in the corporate world understand that recreation is important especially for those who are employed full time. The painting shows family members with their pets and in the background to the left, there are images of boats and ships. It therefore gives a perfect picture of how people in the corporate world spend their recreation time: handing with friend and family members, swimming, cruising in boats, and fishing among others.

Circus Sideshow

The painting done by Georges Seurat in 1887-1888 shows the image of performers in front of a crowd. The sideshow is done with the aim of appealing to the people who have the potential of buying tickets to the main events. This painting covers a marketing strategy, which is very important in the corporate world. This painting displays the various types of hustles that people do in order to provide for their families. Hats worn by the crowd shows that add rhythm to the painting hence supporting the idea of corporate world.

La Grenouillere

Claude Monet is painting of 1869 shows people coming together have fun during their free time. The picture displays calmness, peace and harmony. Some people are in the water swimming, others under the tree and other under the shed. The painting fits into the corporate world in that it encourages hard working so that people would have time to enjoy and relax with others. It shows that the management respect quality time that employees must be have if they are to be productive at the work place. The painting is probably of spa and a resort for the working class people. Most people are working class and will therefore enjoy seeing a painting they can relate to easily and feel like they are present in that work of art.

The above paintings would help the office pass various messages to the visitors and other stakeholders in the corporate world. For any recommendation or addiction, which the CEO would wish to be made, I would be available in my office or can even be contacted through my contact details available on the company’s database. Room for suggestion is still open and any staff member who would wish to participate in this exercise should be encouraged to join. Images for the recommended paintings are listed here below. Thank you.




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