Sample Research Paper on Police Brutality in The United States

Police brutality is one of the major issues in the united states. This is made worse by the fact that it is observed from a racial perspective, where the black minorities have been most targeted by the police. The definition of police brutality in this context are the incidents where the police have assaulted or shot unarmed civilians(Miller, 2016). Statistics show that of all the persons that were killed while unarmed by the police in 2015, 37% of them were blacks. This kindled racial tensions in the united states, with many claiming it has always remained that way only that the recent cases of police assault and killing were documented(Miller, 2016). It is believed that there is severe underreporting from the black communities on the altercations they have had with the police officers. The reason why police brutality is an issue in the united states is that in most instances, no legal action is ever taken on the perpetrators of police violence. This has led to unrest and made the black communities have distrust towards the police departments and the system as a whole.

Proposed Solution to Police Brutality

            There are various measures that can be taken to reduce the incidents of police brutality. It has been observed that the recipients of violence from the police have primarily been persons of color. This can be resolved to a certain degree by ensuring that the police departments are radically diversified(Miller, 2016). The more the police and the black citizens identify with each other, the lesser incidents of violence against the blacks by the police will be expected. Another solution that is likely to work is increasing the academic qualifications demanded for one to become a police officer(Miller, 2016). This is because educated persons are less likely to become violent compared to those that are less educated.

The police officers should be required to live in or near the places where they have jurisdiction. This is likely to work because the police find it easier to mistreat strangers as opposed to persons that they are acquainted with. Actions should be taken on the officers that have been involved in assaults and deaths that resulted from having applied more force than was necessary in their dealings with the citizens. These include having them fired from their occupation and indictments for the crimes committed.

How The Solutions Align with Christian Worldview

The diversification of the police force is in line with the need for harmony that is required by God, according to the worldview. This is bound to foster peace and love, which are qualities that are highly valued by Christianity(Liberty, 2016). The Christian worldview often depicts that the better enlightened individuals are in a better condition to be considerate in their actions. They are more likely to mind the feelings of the other persons that they are dealing with and how their actions are affecting them. Requiring the policemen to live in the places where they work is in a bid to created amiable relations between them and the residents(Simoneaux, 2015). They understand the challenges faced by the residents and are therefore empathetic when dealing with them on law enforcement matters. Christian worldview recognises God as the giver of life and the only one that should take it. Police brutality has led to loss of lives and disharmony in the American society and this is why it is an criminal justice issue.


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