Sample Paper on the Alien and the Sedition Acts

The justifications provided by the Acts on the measures aimed principally at the press. They are based on the grounds of fostering security and peace of the US citizens against malicious intents of some people who may be a threat to national security. The Acts were hence on the motive of nurturing peace and stability in the United States by way of muzzling the uncontended parties. By way of convicting persons said to write, utter or publish any content against the government, the president and the houses of Congress was meant to make sure that only the factual information was delivered to the people. This was meant to regulate instances where incorrect information is relayed to the public which tarnish the image of the government and cause hatred.

The Resolution argues that Acts are unjust on the basis that the government manifested its intent to enlarge its power by forced constructions of the constitutional charter which defines them and the implications appearing as a plan to illustrate certain wide-ranging axioms. The resolutions are initiated with root that Acts have flouting the constitution. For instance, the Acts tend to tie the controls of two arms to that of administration. It also validates its case that the convection which ratified the constitution expressly declared that the Freedom and the Press cannot be un demonstrated or altered by any authority of the US.

The Press needs to be curtailed by the government in cases where defamatory and incorrect information may be levied against which may cause unrest. Facts on security issues need not be regulated to enable important information not seep to the enemies of the United States.