Sample Movie Review Paper on Wild Carpathia

Wild Carpathia is a documentary series by Charlie Ottley which explore the scenic appealing and rich philosophy of the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. The presenter does an extensive research of ancient villages across forests, mountains and alpine meadows in Romania. In the search of the earliest villages, the presenter encounters the shepherds, craftsmen, artists, prince as well as the environmentalist. In general, the film is meant to inspire people to take care of their natural resources for future generation.

To my amazement, the presenter dwells in the culture and traditions of the Romania which are the major element of Romania. Traditions and culture of Romania as presented in the documentary has given part of the country’s culture and history which have rich spiritual values. Additionally, I am more impressed by the old traditions of the Eastern Romania which include wood craving, wine-making and sewing activities.

The natural attraction presented in the film like waterfall nature really excites me. For example the Putna Waterfall which crosses the various physical structures and intense originating from the mountain.

More interesting, the national park of Transylvania has a unique landscape that is said to have not undergone any change for over thousands years. It is also the home of the wolves and mineral waters. Therefore, the Carptharian comprises of the largest forested parts in European region. It is more interesting as the presenter Charlie has stated that the area has not been invaded by human activities.

In summary, the wild Carpathia is an international marvel which reveals the Romania’s eternal beauty. Ideally, the film seeks to inspire and educate the world on the preservation of the natural resources for future generation.