Sample History Essay Paper on American Gothicism

The American gothic assess the darker elements of vast nation’s history and cultural
behavior. Additionally, American gothic is termed as a homegrown genre, with American
settings, which explores on historical vices and sins such as, genocide, slavery, and alteration of
the wilderness. The American gothic features the forbidden desires and imaginative projections
of fears. The authors of American gothic literatures assert the fears and concern during the time
of its creation. As a result, American gothic establishes a sense of features based on gothic genre
that challenges cultural and social belief.
Shirley Jackson actively defines American Gothicism through her famous masterpiece
“The lottery”. This publication was essential in reflecting Jackson’s assertion in fictions based on
villager’s summer ritual, which ends in unpredictable twist. Innately, she assesses and analyses
her inner world through profound evil on human beings and her capacity to be free. Particularly,
she focused on lifelong rituals, charms, witchcrafts, hexes to analyze and explore
disempowerment and exploring power. In this connection, Jackson was termed as a “Virginia
Werewolf” when she acted as a withc.