Sample Essay Paper on History of Art

Art refers to diverse activities that are performed by human beings to create visual artworks. They incorporate imaginations to create paintings which the product in this context reflects beauty of a woman.


The transition of art into modern period began when artists adopted new trends and styles to replace traditional forms of arts that were used in the past. This transition took place when artists stopped using plain materials in their creation. They developed art by incorporating use of bright colors and simple shapes to make their products attractive. This articulates on a major painting of a product which I made using push pins. The name of the product is Girl before Mirror by Picasso.


This field of study reflects on the history of art.  In this context, modernism is a movement that led to emerge of modern art which began in 1850s.  The key reason that inspired changes in modernity is that artists wanted to reject traditional forms of arts (Cowling 24). Their purpose was to put emphasis on innovation and new techniques to transform art work. This enabled artist to improve their work which enhanced an improved and modern society. Modernism is an era that was linked to ideal visions concerning lives of human beings and their progress in society.  To further emphasis on history of art, this paper also articulates on the major idea which revolves around transitional era that transformed to modern period in art.


Transitional Period in Art

The transitional period in art was characterized by cubism and realism movements.



Cubism refers to an art movement which incorporates styles that were used in the early 20th century. It represented a revolutionary and modern approach that exhibited reality in art works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Their purpose was to initiate different perspectives of subjects that applied in a similar image.

Additionally, cubism incorporated the most influential art trends that were used by artists in the 20th century. Furthermore, the movement of cubism led to new possibilities that were infinite in handling visual reality in the field of art. Cubism operates by splitting figures and objects down into separate pieces (Fabre 59). It enables artists to reveal their different perspectives using similar space within the same period.

Cubism is a movement that depicted the revolutionary break from traditions which originated from Europe. It spread during the renaissance via creating real space illusion from a particular point of view. Linear perspective were devices that applied during the cubism movement. Cubism inspired artists such as Picasso to use tribal masks from Africa. This was because they were not naturalistic and were also characterized by high styles. This kind of art depicted a product that exhibited a vivid picture of a human being.

There are two major categories of cubism which are synthetic and analytical. Clearly, analytical cubism depicts forms of art that applied in earlier period of cubism. It involved forms of arts that were plainand formulated by interweaving of lines and planes. These lines were in muted tones of black, ochre and grey.

Synthetic cubism incorporates bright colors and simple shapes in creating art work. This work is also characterized by real and collaged elements which is inclusive of newspapers. The direct incorporation of real objects in art marked at the time when artists used vital ideas in modern art. This represented the later period of cubism.


It is a movement in art that that began in 1840 and ended in 1880s. It reflects the first modern association of art that did not support forms of art which were traditional. Its purpose was to enlighten artists during this era of industrial revolution. It started in France when it modernized images and improved on the conceptions concerning art. Realism was in progress in chaotic era that was characterized by social transformation and revolutions. In this regard, realist artist created subjects that were superior to traditional arts reflecting real life activities. Artists of this era further convinced the society to appreciate symbols and impressive history paintings. During the realism period, artist embraced modernism when they stopped using techniques such as perspective that applied in the 20th century. Conversely, their desire was to exhibit modernism in art by combining art and life (Cowling 62).

Modern Period in Art

Clearly, realism depict the start of modern art which incorporates suitable subjects that applies in current world. It rejected traditional systems and values to enhance progressive concepts of modernism by embracing on new trends.

During this era, both cubism and realism art movements embraced modern approaches that exhibited reality in art works. Furthermore, the movements adopted new trends that supported visual reality in the field of art. Clearly, artists in realism and cubism era created subjects that were superior to traditional arts reflecting real life activities. In both contexts, artists aspired to exhibit modernism in art by combining art and life.  Their objective was transform the welfare of human beings in the changing society.

The modern period was also characterized by a society that appreciated symbols and impressive history paintings. Realist artist created subjects that were superior to traditional arts reflecting real life activities. Cubism art movement was different because it involved use of bright colors and simple shapes in their creation. Its art work contrasts to realism when it is characterized by real and collaged elements which is inclusive of newspapers.

In essence, the transitional era transformed to modern period in art when artists in both cubism and realism movements embraced modernity in their work. The purpose of adopting new trends was to reject traditional forms that applied in art to transform life of human beings in the society.


The product that I choose to make is engraved by push pins to formulate a painting. This product or painting isGirl before Mirror by Picasso.This image relates to two concepts in art that are cubism and realism (Picasso 76).

My project or creation that is Girl before Mirror painting depicts a style that was used by Picasso. It was painted in March 1932 which is considered to be erotic in this category of art. It is a product that became released in Picasso’s cubism era. Evidently, Picasso was a prominent artist whose art work was characterized in bold. The interpretations that relate with this painting is representation of a lover and the beloved.

The product reflects a woman who is staring in a mirror. It is a painting that is characterized by huge eyes and smooth complexion which attributes to a beautiful woman. The subject in this painting is Picasso’s wife who became his favorite part of art. Furthermore, colors have been applied in this painting to depict the beauty of the subject. Focusing on the front section of the product, the colors that are applied interrelates with its rough appearance. The mirror reflects the color merging to exhibit its contrast on the subject.

This product is also applied with dark colors that makes this creation to appear old. This implies that the subject is characterized by unhappiness or hatred instead of delight. The dark colors also represent fear of aging. In this regard, the subject who is a beautiful woman fears getting old and losing her youth when she stares herself in the mirror.

Comparing paintings from different times, it is clear that artists have improved from using traditional methods to new styles. For instance in the past, there were no materials to decorate paintings contrasted to the current times.

The Development in Art


Development in art was witnessed in the modern period. Modernism is an era that applies to various artistic and literary trends that were used during the early 20th century. During this time, artists adopted complex and modern styles and forms to reflect on the significance in art (Cowling 81).  This was essential during the modernist era to grant a new meaning that reflected the world in a different manner.  In this context, the product relates to modernism era because it incorporates aesthetic responses and various artistic styles.

In art filed, modernity is applied to portray different ways of relating in a given setting. The purpose of modernism in art work was to stop customs that were used in 19thcentury. This was essential in this field to facilitate stretch of boundaries.

Girl before Mirror Painting



Clearly, the transitional period in art incorporated developments that lead to transformation in modern era. Modernism applies to art when artists adopt new trends to transform it (Picasso 49).  In this paper, both realism and cubism movements reflects creation of art works that were superior to traditional forms of arts. This applies to the product Girl before Mirror by Picasso which was painted by colorsto depict the beauty of the subject.



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