Sample Essay on Vietnam

This study notes the various experiences the United States has had since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and how these experiences have helped in shaping the country’s history. American history is marked with significant changes right from the election of John Kennedy from a royal family to the president’s assassination on 22 November 1963 (Hammer 40). The assassination of John Kennedy is considered a turning point in the history of America because his death brought to an end the era of royalty rule in America giving a new dimension to political play in the county.

Such changes have contributed immensely towards shaping the country’s future. In other words, the lessons learned and the unresolved uncertainties the American population has had from the time of Kennedy’s assassination form the important background for understanding the country’s future, which at times leave both natives and foreigners eager to learn. From this perspective, we can state that the assassination of Kennedy as a historical happening resulted in new creations, inventions, and innovations in the country’s secret service to help prevent similar occurrences.

The events immediately preceding the turning point were necessary and essential in preparing for the turning point since they made the Americans realize that there were much more to learn from, and the complaints other European countries had raised concerning the dynastic political play had some important message that could not be possibly ignored (Hammer 43). The Americans themselves had no issue with John Kennedy since his ideas and visions for a perfect America outmatched the bad views people would have had against him. John Kennedy was able to meet the Americans at the points of their needs on equal platforms, and his eloquent leadership skills saw Americans through the stressful moments of the Cold War.

The Americans’ dream of equal rights for all was cut short by the assassination of their president John Kennedy, which was again seen as a lasting impression that would changes the whole of America as far as politics is concerned (Hammer 45). The Americans and the entire world mourned the sudden death of John Kennedy and the people of America had it clear that a tragedy only strikes when the condition seems perfect. The reasons behind the death and the exact person who did the killing have remained unknown to the people bringing a degree of uncertainty. Immediately after the death of Kennedy, Johnson was sworn in as the American president (Hammer 45). This was a different personality to Kennedy though the two shared various commonalities. The individuals who valued the charisma and president Kennedy were challenged by this sudden change and it would take a long for them to adapt.

The death of Kennedy was linked to Lee Oswald as the main suspect and before his trial, Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, and this made people believe that Oswald did not commit the crime by himself. As people wept along the streets, they were made to believe that assassination was actually part of a larger planned attack to bring America down. The assassination of John Kennedy did not bring to an end the class of the Kennedy family as the Americans had expected. Two brothers of Kennedy continued to dedicate their life to serving the government of America and the whole American population. This was a show of goodwill to Kennedy and those who believed in his family’s contribution towards improving American politics.