Sample Essay on the Development of Alexandria Library (10-30 BCE)

Several individuals and institutions contributed significantly to the growth of science in the period before 1400 CE. One of the greatest institutions that played an integral role in the development of science during the mentioned period is the Alexandria Library, which was established in Egypt in the 3rd century BCE. As such, this project will focus primarily on the development of Alexandria Library in the period between 10-30 BCE, and the key scientists and thinkers who used the library and its resources for the development of science.

Alexandria Library, after establishment in the 3rd century BCE, became part of the Museum of Alexandria and served as an avenue for scientific research. The library provided key resources that helped in the study of various scientific fields such as astronomy, zoology, and anatomy (MacLeod and Roy 4). Several household names in the field of science, who conducted studies and experiments in the library during its time of operation include Archimedes, Herophilus, Pappus, Hypatia, Theon, Aedesia, and several others (Murray 17). The operation and significant contribution of the library to the field of science came to an end when it was burned by the army of Julius Caesar in 48 BCE. The destruction was seen or considered by many people of the time as a loss of cultural knowledge.

The 3rd century BCE during which the library was established saw the birth of several scientists who played an integral role in the development of science (Trumble 17). In respect of these perspectives, this project will focus on the key perspectives surrounding the establishment and development of Alexandria Library. Besides, the fact that it was one of the key scientific institutions established in the third century BCE highlights its connection or relation to the course “The History of Science up to 1400 CE.”


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