Sample Essay on Stalin’s Five Year Plans for Soviet Russia

Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union as implicit dictator amid 1928 and 1954. In the course of his tenure as a ruler, Stalin made major changes to the Soviet Union, which impacted largely various sectors mostly, including agriculture education, industrialization, and culture. Though there effects of the changes positively resulted to development in some areas that were affected by the policies other sectors were negatively affected leading to more suffering by the locals due and to a larger extend the entire nation. The most negatively affected areas were agriculture and culture and as is it understood for any growing nation, agriculture forms the backbone of development and sustainability. It is thus evident that during his first decade as a ruler of the Soviet Union, Stalin negatively affected the people but to the nation, he brought development and more success. His stance on religion and the arts, and the treatment of workers all to a large extent had a harmful impact on the Russian people (Kort 171).

One of the major reasons for the plans was that it was a successful form of propaganda for both Russia and Stalin. Also, the plans aimed to upgrade the Soviet Union since many regions were backward and according to him, being backward meant, defeat and enslavery so he aimed at bringing power through strengthening the nation so that its enemies be fearful(Kort 171).He had a belief that in the course of existence, Germany would invade USSR so the plans were to make proper changes that would create a difference or else the Germans would crush them.At last, despite the fact that the policies by Stalin had no much effect to the people, the nation benefitted largely through modernization.

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