Sample Essay on Modern Architecture

The modern architecture is a product of progressive and transformative movements in architecture that anticipated the modernist ideologies of our time.  Modern-day architecture is something that has been borrowed and developed for a period of time. The classical architecture was at some point in time modern and these shows that architecture has been transformed with time.  Modernist architects stopped to use historical architecture heritage for reference, but instead, they continuously broke the restraints in architecture designs.  The architecture that was used long time ago before the 19th century has played a crucial role in shaping modern day architecture.

Classical architecture was at some point modern and this is an indication that the modern buildings in contemporary society will one day be used as artifacts. The building will be classical artifacts for the future generations just like the classical buildings which were once new but are now being used as artifacts. Modernism is a new form of architecture in contemporary society and will be valued with future generations just as contemporary society value classical architecture. It is a heritage that future generations will have to enjoy either in the same form or a more transformed form.

The Barcelona Pavilion that was built in the twentieth century is a typical example of modern architecture. The plan of the building was simple enough to emphasize the idea of free organization of space though exotic materials were used in making the building. The free plan idea emphasized the maximization and flexibility of space in a functional aspect; In addition, there were no ornaments in Barcelona Pavilion. Barcelona Pavilion is elevated from the ground level and there is only one access to the building, which is the step next to the architecture.