Sample Essay on Midterm Exam

Iliad, the title of this poem is arguably not the best title, as Homer himself would have preferred. Iliad is a heroic poem on gallant exploits that is preeminent in tone and very formal dialect. The poem is a composition of the ancient Greek work and is a story that concerns the ancient story of Troy. The title that bests suits the poem is ‘The War’ given that it is an assortment of facts, legends, and myths. The story is a remarkable accomplishment of the ancient Troy during the long war making the title aforementioned best suited for the poem. From the major conflicts between the Achaeans and Trojans to the war demands of the Agamemnon, the story is purely revolving around different battles.

The rising actions and climax of the poem and the fated fall of Troy is alluded in best parts of this poem. The story spins around the Trojan army expeditions and the revenge of the Achaeans coupled with the ultimate death of Hector. The themes of the poem further justify the purported title ‘The War’ making it most suited from a personal perspective. For instance, one of the themes is the glory of war and the military values of family experiences coupled with the transience of humanity and its conceptions. Most stories like this are in most instances concluded with a ‘good’ triumphing over ‘evil’ but in this poem, Hector is defeated, also a war theme. Trojans are the primary victims and the Achaeans ultimately suffers great losses from the war.

The war spins around the expedition of the Trojan army and their ultimate victory over the Achaeans around the walls of Troy. Per se, the title ‘The War’ best suits the poem as compared to Troy that implies a story concerning the city of Troy.