Sample Essay on Legitimacy of Civilians Casualties during the War

Wars such as WWII saw many civilians die (BBC, n.d). Approximately fifty million civilian casualties were reported during this war (NATIONAL WWII MUSEUM, n.d). This resulted to civilians losing people they love, jobs and others displaced as a result of this war. Generally, legitimate attack targets should be among those fighting amongst each other. This means that civilians who are not fighting should not be targets as this violates their rights.

Combatants are people involved in fighting and may include guerrilla forces, military or any other person directly involved with conflicts (BBC, n.d). As such, a civilian may be regarded as a fighter or combatant due to one’s participation in conflicts. Despite this fact, it is bad to kill people because it deprives them of achieving their aspirations and dreams in life. For example, WWII made many civilians not to be able to strive for whatever they wanted for their future. Additionally, non combatants are not legitimate war targets because they are not in direct conflict with warring parties (BBC, n.d). Neutral citizens, old, and children may be considered non combatants if they do not engage in fighting (BBC, n.d). As such, non-participants during WWII such as the old or children should be exempted from attack.

In relation to the discussions above, various views can be put into consideration. Firstly, it is unwarranted to attack civilian non fighters considering the fact that they deserve to live as human beings. Secondly, there should be no biasness during war attacks as this may kill innocent non combatants. As such, soldiers should receive proper training in order to avoid deaths such as those of WWII. This may include punishing soldiers found to have breached the stipulated war rules. Such measures would go a long way in saving human lives and ensure that civilians are not deprived of their civil liberties.



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