Sample Essay on a Generation in War and Turmoil

The topic “A Generation in War and Turmoil,” is a chapter that assists one in understanding the impacts of the Vietnam War on the lives of war families left behind in both Vietnam and America. Additionally it seeks to examine the transition process that war veterans had to undergo. The transition process mainly involved a period of change to the civilian lifestyle for the officers returning home from the war. Officers were required to be more educated and secure high ranking jobs than they had before they left for the war. This chapter addresses questions arising from the legacies of the Vietnam War. However, up to date there still remains a lot of uncertainty regarding the events that took place before, during and after the Vietnam War.

During the interviews, people had different views and feelings towards the American troop’s involvement in the war. Some felt that it was wrong for the Americans to get involved in a war that did not affect them in the first place. Thus, the veterans and American citizens that lived during this period and were not in unison with the American involvement in the war perceived this as meddling. On the other hand, those who supported the government in this war believed that they were doing the right thing in fighting communism in Vietnam and providing the Vietnamese people with an opportunity to experience democracy (Appy 117).

The war affected . These experiences from participating in the war and watching the events of the war unfold on the television took a toll on the lives of Americans. For instance, many of the interviewed veterans were still paranoid even after returning from the war and suffered from panic traumas. During the 1960s and 1970s, the American society changed as the vast majority of the population was educated and war veterans occupied good jobs. The country’s family income registered a 49 percent increase; this meant that more men could comfortably provide for their families. Returning home from the war acted as a second chance for many veterans (Wheeler and Susan 157).

Despite the repercussions suffered by the Americans, the economy and the social setting responded positively. Women no longer stayed home to take care of their families like the previous decade. Instead, more women started to involve themselves in the corporate world.  America on the other hand, went unchallenged in the automobile industry; the number of automobiles registered in America was twice those in other nations. There was an enormous production level in America more homes were constructed during this decade and more families were home owners. The suburbs registered an 85% of new construction homes that could be affordable for the middle class citizens (Wheeler and Susan 103)

The Vietnam War marked a great era for Americans. This is a war that many Americans over the decades feel that the United states of American became a part of unnecessarily. America participated in the war having believing that there would be a positive outcome. However this was not the case as the war called for more strategic and calculated moves. Moreover, the American’s entered this war with the perception that it was a simple war on communism verses capitalism and did not perceive as the complex war that it turned out to be. The ultimate loss and participation by the Americans in the Vietnam War resulted to great repercussions that had never been seen before (Appy 112).

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