Sample History Essay Paper on Latin American music

Reflection of Module 5,6,7,8

The music combines various sounds, instrumental and vocals, to produce a sweet melody. Latin
American music has significantly impacted me because rather than just being fun of music, I have
also learned a variety of cultures through the different forms of Latin American music. Being a
tremendous fan of Rhumba music, I have understood the origin and how the sweet melody is
created. During the early days, Latin music was used by European to claim some of the American
territories, whereby the music that was done used to function as a form of communication both
within and between groups and also to the spiritual world. Another interesting thing that caught my
interest was the dance moves created by American Latin Music. The lain music is also
characterized by a foremost rhythm which is considered an inspiration of the traditional African
beats, which are said to have been developed in the Caribbean. The creation of the beat is what
usually has created the complexity in the pattern of the rhythm. The rhumba clave has also flipped
the son clave and is seen to be having two alternating patterns.
Drums are also exciting in American Latin Music, not forgetting the stick used to beat the
rhythm clave very well. This section also includes the shakers, for example, the tambourine and

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maracas. Again, the trumpet also creates a sense of belonging and impressive the entire music.
Latin America is full of dances from the Rhumba to the Salsa, samba, and cha-cha. All these
moves are very different, but they all aim at one goal entertaining. The dances are also short, sweet,
and very simple.
As seen him the discussion, American Latin Music is a type of music that is well organized in
terms of presentations made and activities done to make it effective. Friends have also commented
on the music and stated that they have observed that Latin Music comprises so many instrumentals
and other things created from what other people call junk. In Latin music, the bongos are believed
to be the highest drums which are pitched and comprised of wooden-headed drums. The
measurements of the heads are about eight inches measured in diameter and are made of goatskin
and calf. Martello is the name given to the basic pattern of bongo pattern and has got about eight
strokes. In American Latin Music, the beats are created using sticks. The improvising of the lyrics
was done with the same themes which the Americans use in music. The beat is straightforward
because there is only the use of two sticks. On other occasions, there is the use of elements that are
common to present rare American Latin Baroque gems. These are what are used to make Latin
music successful. Instruments like the modern orchestra, which contains trombones and tubas, are
named after the American composer. Fingers string other instruments, and all these instruments
work hand in hand to make American Latin music excellent and colorful (Schroeder).
As far as articulation is concerned the Lain American music refers to the music originating from
Latin America. The music of Latin at some point incorporates the African music from the African
slaves who were being transacted from the west and central to the land of America by the
Europeans. Some of the content used to create the music of Latin was also earned from the
indigenous people from America. It comprises a wider variety of styles and many genres, including

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the Rhumba, bachacha, bosa nova, to mention a few. The rise of the genre was influenced by the
music of the United States, such as jazz and pop. Based on Cuban music in terms of rhythm,
tempo, and bass line, Salsa was the top dance that represented real Cuban music. Trap became
famous just recently. The tango produced the tango dancers who were very successful in Latin
music. The media also played a considerable role in introducing Latin America and another
program that made Latin music grow faster. The moves and the dancing styles, for example, the
salsa dance, were straightforward and enjoyable; hence so many people were willing to practice the
moves and embrace the dance. The performances were perfectly done because the instrumentalists
were very accurate. The collaboration made Latin music spread worldwide because of the perfect
vocals from the different vocalists, musicians, and composers (Torres).
Latin American music was imported from Cuba and had some popularity. This led to the
innovation and the implementation of so many other instruments and rock elements together with
jazz. Later on, different people, both vocalists, instrumentalists, and musicians, modernized the
culture using big bands, electric guitars, and amplified sexton. The common feature here was the
Spanish tinge. Latin music was performed with much energy to express a sad situation or a happy
mood clearly. The instruments are done each one at its own time to make everything clear and
every instrumental to be heard clearly. The music could capture the audience's attention and make
them enjoy the activity to their fullest. The Spanish language has come out to have inspired Latin

In addition, there is the marimba instrumental which was used in American Latin. According to
history, marimba instrumentals began decades ago in Africa, where there were the digging of holes

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and bars arranged systematically across the holes and then struck to produce sound. Due to the
slave trade, the marimba was taken to America by the African slave. It was modernized by pipes
made of wood that was kinder attached. Later, they brought metals, which resulted from the top of
the modern marimba. Modern marimba ranges vary. Some are used in middle schools, whereas
others are used in professional colleges. The marimba instrument is always extended to
professionally facilitate the play of notes in the lower ranges. The greater the number of notes in
marimba, the more positive the musical player repertoire. The marimba is loved by the
Guatemalans, mainly the ones in the heritage of Maya. Through the marimba instrumentals, joy is
brought out among the people. This is a significant role with pure intentions to mend indigenous
behaviors. The instruments were brought to the people of Guatemala by the pre-Columbian
African contact.
Lastly, in all the modules, we have seen all of them claiming that the contents offered by the
artists measure the diversity of the Latin artists. Latin music is embraced because of the excellent
message being produced. The beats and how the instruments are being played have significantly
influenced. A lesson learned is that music can be used as a message to signal something. For
instance, we have seen the Lain music used by the European settlers to acquire the American
territories. Lastly, I have learned that good music does not expire the Latin music is still fresh
today. It is embraced worldwide because of the sweetness used during creation. Music can be used
to bless and also to curse.

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