Sample Courseworks Paper on What can be Learned from Photos

A primary source acts like an original artifact, records or rather visual evidence that is recorded by individuals who witnessed the happenings of the events. The photos gives an idea of what the situtaion at the time of taking the photos was. Nevertheless, being primary sources, photographs offer much information reagrding places and different times of the past. The photos presented below were taken by Dorothea Lange in 1935. The photos show ordinary American Citizen during the great depressin. The current paper uses four of the pictures to answer some provided questins.

Picture one

The first thing  I see in picture one above  is a man, a woman and a kid. The woman is sitted at a very hot place while the man is standing at a distance. The is also electcity lines passing at a distance. This implies that they are near a road.

Picture two:

The first thing I see when I look atpicture twoabove is a mother with two kids. There is also a lamp used for lighting. This is an implication that it could be towards the evening. It also shows the poor situation of the family since they cannot afford electricity.

Picture three:

The first thing I see when I look at picture three above is a father and three kids and a woman in front of a Cart

Picture four:

The first thing I see in picture three above are kids who are studying outside sited ona bench.

One of the things common to all pictures are people who are striving to eke out a living. For instance, in picture two; the mother seems to be struggling to support the kids. In picture three, the man has been pushing the cart to probably get something out of it. In picture three, the kids are studying outside on a bench and there seem to be no classrooms around them. This shows that people presented in the pictures are experiencing a hard time in life.

The picture I picked from the others is picture four. As it seems, there are no classrooms for the kids to attend. The other objects under view include the fence at the farthest end and the sandy ground. The surrounding also seems very hot and sunny. This depicts the climatic condition in the area is that of a dry land. Probably the effects of the great depression.