Sample Courseworks Paper on Mayflower Compact in 1620

As a writer of Mayflower Compact in 1620, one of the rights I would want the agreement to protect is religious freedom and the right of religious assembly. People should have the right to believe in whatever they choose. Aboard the ship are the “Saints” and the “Strangers”. King James of England, King of Ireland and King of Scots has decided to reinforce strict penalties against all Catholics. Therefore, being unable to exercise my religion freely at communion, which is an incredibly joyful experience, I am aware how such freedoms and rights would mean to everyone who arein the same situation. Nowadays, in 1620, the government of the day does not allow people to gather for service, believing that our meetings pose a security risk (Prince 71). However, that fear that is brought about by negative thinking and ignorance. In order to succeed in our intentions and settle on this yet unknown land, prosper and learn to live with one another and welcome the others in good faith, we should first learn how to accept our differences. Religion represents only a part of our differences. It cannot be denied that every religion unites its believers who, empowered by the Word of God, are able to accomplish great things with His help. Therefore, I believe that acknowledging that fact would benefit everyone and that the whole colony can only prosper (Alexander 120).

In conclusion, I am aware that there will always be those who area displeased with the current situation, just as I am now. I know always will be those who resist change. However, I am also aware that change is progress and that is the only thing that can make us advance in every aspect of our existence. Equality, freedom, and justice are all part of bigger rights, which are right to life and right to live in accordance with the Ten Commandments.Therefore, I choose to protect the right for religious freedom as the foundation of all other freedoms and rights.



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