Sample Coursework Paper on Interesting Points from the Article

The most interesting things from this article include the narrator’s ability to provide translations roles for family members and other members of the community. At a tender age, it is recorded that the narrator was a bridge between her father and mother, an obligation which she had to practice due to her good performance in language. The fact that she was able to translate English and the Spanish language shows that her interests while still young were founded on languages. As such, after having developed her passion for skills, she was able to use it as a means of serving the people around her.  For instance, she records that in most cases, she could be assigned translation duties in hospitals, schools, social security places or any other place where her assistance was a necessity (Morales 210-211)

The second interesting part of the article is the narrator’s ability to realize that her skill in languages was necessary in understanding institutional cultures. She mentions that as a go-between person, she was able to develop radical skills which were very necessary in her leadership roles later in college (210-211). the fact that the narrator was able to utilize her young gained skills to develop into strong leadership character provides acts as a motivation factor because it is highly possible one an individual to suppress his or her in-born ability due to lack of confidence in offering the particular service.

Finally, the third interesting thing concerns the aspects of providing justice to the most disadvantaged members of the society through formation of liberation or freedom movements. The narrator’s role as a forerunner in fighting for people’s right shows how well young people need to utilize their knowledge to offer solutions to challenges facing their surroundings (212-218).


Work cited

Morales, Iris. “The Young Lords”