Sample Book Review Paper on Walking in Roman Culture

Culture is an aspect associated with all races and nations in the world. Every race or nation has a certain cultural belief or practice that it identifies itself with. Some of the cultural beliefs are more or less the same while others are extremely divergent from the religious and social points of view. Nearly all the cultural beliefs associated with a given nation or race are documented to specifically be used by future generations considering the fact that the ancient cultural beliefs are currently fading with time. This has prompted some authors and historians to review materials or books that contain cultural information on some nations and races. In the review, the book ‘Walking in Roman culture’, the writer specifically tries to bring to attention how great men with their close associates could move down the streets and gardens regarded to be of the chosen few.  The author clearly points out that parading or what he refers to as ‘walking’ was mostly associated with the elite in the society.

The work of the author is mostly categorized based on the credibility of the source of information and the general flow of work. The author of this book has a deep understanding of the Roman culture, hence, presenting credible and actual information reflecting the beliefs and cultural beliefs of the Romans. The purpose of the writer is not necessarily a response or critic of another author’s work, but can purely be said to be an urge to share what he understands better, that is the Roman culture. With the current generation having little or no literary knowledge pertaining to some cultural practices and beliefs, the author can be said to have had an urge to salvage this situation and create awareness about the roman culture. Timothy, being a social historian, puts him in the best position to share his vast knowledge of the culture of Romans in the early days. Moreover, this is an area where the author is greatly informed and experienced; hence, the credibility of his work is not questionable. The book is written in a clear layout where one is able to understand the Roman culture and the Romans.

This is further boosted by the strong support the writer brings out to justify his thesis on Roman culture. The author is able to justify all his claims by showing what really took place, how it was done, and who did it. The source of information in any written material reflects the quality of the work produced at the end. Timothy uses both biographies and public documents so that the information given can be detailed and from different sources. This ensures credibility and accuracy in the information he gives out in the written form. This wide source of information, in a broader sense, allows him to share more information especially enlightening the readers about the social, religious, and economic interaction of the Roman. This certainly makes the book interesting to the readers, as it offers broad information about the Romans. A person cannot discredit the book by claiming there are any underlying errors. However, I feel that the author could have shed more light on how the Roman culture was gradually replaced by modernization. This could have more or less shed more light on the evolution of Roman culture.