History Sample Paper on China philosophies


Chinese philosophy refers to any form of several schools of philosophical thought in traditional Chinese. There is some school of thought, and each talk about how one should live or how the society should be organized. Each philosophy is unique in its way, and it was applicable at a given time in history. Philosophies provided the best way to live and how best the society will achieve its peace and unity. The following theories provide insight information and advice to Chinese people as they advise on the right way to live and how to organize the society. The philosophers include Kongzi, Mengzi, Yang Zhu, and Zhuangzi they all have different opinions but agree on one thing which is the right way to organize the society and how to live in a proper manner.



Chinese philosophers

Kongzi is a Chinese philosopher, and he gave different views on how people should live and the virtues that one should maintain to give a happy life. He also talked about the social organization which determines how people will live in the society and the best way in which the society should be organized as it will encourage peace. Kongzi indicated that the best way to live is to have the love for others and love is among the most important traits that he encouraged everyone to have as it will bring about peace in the community and harmony in the society. Love is important in the society, and when one shows love to others, it is easy to avoid conflicts and in return bring unity among the people. Societies which lack love for each other are never in peace since conflicts come up but with love, it is easy to unify the community. Among the number of solutions he gave to the community, love is the most famous and greatest of all time since it is proven to work best and for those who practice love are in a better position to live in peace.

He proposed that society should be organized based on love since love will bring about embracing each other in a community and it encourages understanding in the society as well as tolerance among each other. Kongzi stated that “a ruler should be a ruler and his subjects should be submitted, a father should be a father and his son as son” it is clear that everyone should play his/her role in the society to maintain peace and coexistence among individuals in a community. He encouraged better governance by those who are in power towards their subjects and families to support peace through respecting each other. In his social philosophy, the concept revolved around “loving others and compassion” the two play a significant role in bringing about peace in a given society, and everyone should embrace the two values since they are important.

Mengzi is another Chinese philosopher, and he is well known or his theory of human nature. According to his theory, Mengzi states that people share inherent goodness virtues which can either be natured to do good through self-discipline and education or be destroyed as a result of ignorance and negative influence. He played a significant role in providing education in the society about Jesus as he encouraged everyone to live a pure life. He argues that everyone can live a happy life and each society can be in harmony as long as goodness is embrace. It is evident from his philosophy that human beings need to take time and embrace goodness so that there will be peace and love in the society.

It is clear that everyone needs to cultivate a good behavior and peace starts from an individual after which it cab spread to the community. Every human being has a role to play in bringing about peace and maintaining coexistence in the society. Negative influence will corrupt good morals and peace will not exist in such community. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep away from evil and cynical minds so that peace can exist in the community. His philosophy was all about embracing goodness and avoiding corrupt influence which will never bring about any good in the community. The theory indicated that we all have a role to play and for one to have a good life it must start from inside and then the society can be structured in a correct manner. Therefore every individual must take part and together peace will be embraced, and the whole community will forever have a real life, and no one will conflict with each other. Mengzi based his philosophy on individuality meaning that he gave a challenge to every individual to carry out his/her role and cultivate goodness which God gave to everyone and through it peace will prevail.

Yang Zhu is another philosopher who is known for his which is based on egoism as he states that human beings need to deal with their ego so as to bring about peace in the society. For one to have a happy first requirement is to embrace others, and that is possible through dealing with the ego which at times leads to selfishness. He advocates for everyone for himself which is denial the human beings should have, but he encourages for self-supremacy which encourages everyone to deal with personal interests first. Yang Zhu believed that people are the wisest of all creatures since they have knowledge which lies in benefiting individuals. He states that the human life has got some limitation since the society is structured based on titles and names which never do good in the long run since people have a self-interest which they deal with thus no one is ready to sacrifices for the well-being of other individuals in society. He encourages people to be considerate of others by sacrificing and more, so leaders need to deal with their ego and work for the community which is the only way to bring about peace. The society should be structured in a way that individuals can consider each other and ready to sacrifice for the well-being of other people. Yang Zhu rejects all the social aspect of a community and bases his argument in individuality first before giving to the community.

Zhuangzi is another philosopher, and according to him, one will have a good life through disengagement from artificialities of socialization and the cultivation of our natural ancestral potencies as well as skills to have a simple life and a natural one which is a flourishing life. He encourages that one should not be so attached to the culture which at times does not give the correct guideline on how to live a healthy life. There are other cultures which do not bring unity and limit people from doing what is good. Each and everyone should make a decision based on what is right or wrong and not stick to cultural activities and values which may limit one from doing what is right in the name of old beliefs.

The society should not be so much into keeping old ideas due to the change in time, and there are a lot of limitations which come as a result of cultural practices. Therefore for one to have a happy life, it is clear that one need to avoid believing and practicing all that ancestors did as there were not perfect and there are a lot that the practiced which won’t apply.  Individuals should be independent in decision making which is the best way to make right choice since we all have the ability to differentiate between what is correct and evil. He encourages everyone to take into consideration of various cultural teaching and chose which is right and which should not embrace.


Therefore it is evident from various philosophies that humans need to make good decisions and need to show love as well as compassion for each other to live in peace and reduce conflicts in the society. For one to be happy, it starts as individual efforts before it spreads to the community. Therefore, every human being has a role to play in embracing peace among each other. The society should be structured in such a way that all individuals have equal rights.