Essay Sample Paper on Post-War America

Essay Sample Paper on Post-War America

The World War II, also referred to as the Second World War was is believed to have been a result of unresolved conflicts that had caused the First World War. It began on September 1, 1939, when Hitler attacked Poland from the western side and when Britain and France affirmed war on the Germans. As a result of World War II, America has faced several post-war changes. These changes have been in their social, economic and cultural sectors in the nation.

In the social sector, Americans have experienced both trivial and profound changes. One of the major ones has been in the fashion sector. For the purpose of wool and cotton preservation, Americans invented shorter dresses and vests. Additionally, cuffs, double-breasted suits, ruffles as well as pleats were also done away with. There was equally an increase in the rate of migration from the farms to the urban areas hence increasing the city dwellers to approximately 53 percent (Rorabaugh, Critchlow, & Baker 555). Men and women migrated with the main aim of going into military service, something that would never have been achieved without war. Thirdly, post-war came with a struggle for equality among the men and women as well as the minorities. Women wanted to enjoy the same positions as men and receive the same treatment without biases.

Economically, there was an increased growth in the urban centers with an increase in the number of war industries. The population in the urban areas exploded with many people moving to work in the manufacturing industries. For instance, more than 2 million people moved to California for employment in the industries of defense.  To date, America still experiences an increase in the number of urban centers with more people building residential homes in towns. There has also been an increase in the number of businesses that have resulted in an improvement of living standards (Rorabaugh, Critchlow, & Baker 561).In 1944, the GI Bill of Rights was passed. This Bill ensured that all veterans had the ability to attend college, buy firms, and homes. The impact of these public policies was immense since it ensured that veterans had better lives that led to an increase in the rate of having children and building up families.

Culturally, women have found their place in the working environment. In the past, women were stigmatized in the workplaces rendering them jobless. After the World War II, many women were allowed to join the military working in the defense forces. This is reflected in the picture below that shows women who worked as pilots in the World War II.



The post-war American developments are new and remarkable. During the World War I, only a few insignificant changes were experienced in these three sectors. In fact, the changes that arose had less impact in the economic world since there was increased destruction.

In conclusion, the period after the World War II ignited change in the social sector by introducing different fashion standards, increasing migration, and influencing equality among men and women in America. In the economic sector, many people benefited through employment in the military industries while they benefited from an improvement in their living standards. Finally, women have become acceptable in the employment sector. More women are taking up employment opportunities regardless of their gender and being considered as weaker as compared to men.



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