Critical Thinking Sample paper on Americans policies towards American Indians

The system of Americans towards Native American is composed of some broken promises that are identifiable even in the reign of President Jackson. American history reveals that statements like; all men are free and equally created and are gifted with certain absolute rights such as life, the chase of happiness and liberty do not apply to Native Americans. The purpose of this paper is to give a personal critical analysis of the extent to which Jackson follows Washington’s policies in action towards Native American. The essay also analyzes ways in which Jackson and society in general, promoted an atmosphere of racism and land greed.

President Andrew Jackson’s government policy on Native American shifted from coercive of his predecessors to complete hostile. I can say that Jackson abandoned Washington’s policy and aggressively pursued plans of removing all American Indian tribes who were living in the Southeastern States

Unlike Washington’s policies, his policy was regardless of whether the tribes had been civilized or are incorporated into the white culture. Also, the fact that “the tribes receives no direct presentation in the new government. Above all, the constitution did not address the major issues that would govern relationship between whites and Indians: land”(Washington, pp. 170-174., 2014), is an evidence of racism. The removal causes cruel death and destruction to Native American only. It is worth to note that, the United States were multiplying in number while thousands of Native America were losing their homes, families, and lives in what could be considered as a sweeping genocide.

The American policy was strategically designed to offer an opportunity for the land-greedy Southerners to expand westward successfully. The first system in the society was a strategic plan to encourage barter trade in the land. This policy was for the benefit of the white Americans who were hungry for an agricultural land. Native Americans were invited to assume sedentary rural lifestyle. This lifestyle would make them be dependent economically and do business with white Americans and thereby willing to release land in barter for trade goods. Therefore American history clearly documents that Jackson’s policy on Native American disagrees to a greater extent with that of Washington. It is also evidence from the history that, the American policies was designed to promote land greediness and racism.





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