Sample Research Proposal Paper on Role of Mobile Devices in Improving the Utility of Healthcare Information systems

Role of Mobile Devices in Improving the Utility of Healthcare Information systems

Mobile phone usage in the field of healthcare has emerged to be having efficiency.  My research paper entails looking into the validity of the reports and arguments raised by this particular healthcare administrations and firms. Technology usage can act as a security system where medical practitioners use the phone GPS or GPRS systems to locate patients (Camlek, 2011).

The paper will look at the extent to which the uses of mobile technology have facilitated patient health and how the use of mobile technology has been significant in transforming clinical and healthcare practices. It will further determine the various ways through which mobile technology usage have enhanced the general healthcare management systems. There are a number of medical apps that emerge during the implementation of mobile usage in healthcare, for this matter my research will look at the various medical apps arising from mobile usage in healthcare. The research proposal will further look into the various evident ways by which mobile technology usage have enhanced healthcare management. Finally, it will look at the extent and processes by which usage of mobile technology has influenced patients care by the health professionals.

The research will use an approximately of one month, entailing the overall processes of data collection. The paper will adopt descriptive research designs for the purpose of exploring issues in details in order to familiarize themselves with the problem. This will be significant in determining the research design, sampling methodology, and data collection (Dongre et al., 2010). In data analysis, the paper will adopt descriptive statistics analysis in drawing conclusions concerning relationships and differences found in the results.


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