Sample Research Paper on Marketing Plan Outline Assignment


Organizational Overview
  • Nanda Global Medical Supply (NGMS) is a multinational organization based in the USA, founded in 2008, with the primary activity of supplying as well as exporting medical equipment.
  • The organization is staffed by experienced and qualified medical personnel.
  • Among the major exporting countries for the organization’s products include Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other nations.
  • Most of the revenue collected in the body result from the sale and exportation of first aid kits, defibrillators, oxygen concentrators, cardiac monitors, suction machines, and hospital bed.
  • The organization has highly developed and enhanced functional website for interacting with its potential clients.
  • The organization’s website is
  • The organization’s mission statement is “striving to satisfy the needs of our customers and providing quality medical equipment at appreciably competitive prices throughout the world to meet even the most specific of needs.”
Executive Summary
  • As an emerging multinational, the marketing plan has to cover a period of one year.
  • This will be relevant in responding to the changes in the market as well as the idea if it fails to be relevant.
  • The plan primarily focuses on the foreign countries, due to insufficient staff.
  • The organization has to approach all the media companies in the foreign nations for publicity.
  • The body needs to make use of billboards for advertisement of its medical products.
  • The organization needs to visit foreign pharmaceutical firms, societies, sports and academic institutions.
  • In these institutions, NGMS need to fund them as well offering them with uniforms and kits labeled the company’s logo.
Current Marketing Situation
  • The organization is facing marketing and distribution problems.
  • This is particular to foreign countries where distribution and commercialization have failed to materialize as per the expectation.
  • The organization has to strengthen as well as coming up with new marketing strategies in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
Internal and External Environment
  • The organization has to pull a lot of resources on funding the marketing costs.
  • This will entail borrowing and taking loans to meet the different marketing budgets.
  • NGMS has to adjust its policies to meet the policies of the foreign nations.
  • The systems will consider such aspects as marketing, exporting, selling, Outsourcing, Insourcing, and employment.
  • The employment policies have to adjust to the set labor policies of the foreign countries (Buckley, 2002).
  • The organization has to restructure to accommodate the operational needs arising from the different premises.
  • The firm has to employ other foreign departmental heads who will report to the central or head office.
  • The organization’s objectives have to be redefined to be in line with the policies in the foreign land.
  • In this case, the objectives must not conflict with the policies set in the foreign nations concerning health and medication (Buckley, 2002).
  • Through quality service production, the firm is optimistic to outplay the foreign competitors.
  • The firm has to reduce the price of its products about the competitors’ price.
  • This will lure as many customers as possible, increasing the global demand towards the firm’s medical products.
  • The firm has to comply with the set regulations and requirements by the Asian, African and the European Governments.
  • Customer relations need to be enhanced by establishing links with potential clients in the overseas markets.
  • Through the links, the clients will provide feedback in line with their medical service satisfaction.
Product/ Service Review
  • The firm has been offering medical equipment and medication services.
  • The services have to expanded and availed in foreign nations to the same level provided by the United States.
  • The services are expected to meet the set guidelines by the governments in the respective countries (Buckley, 2002).
Competitive Analysis
  • The firm has to come up with unique medical equipment from those offered by its foreign competitors.
  • It has to establish high-quality medical care support.
SWOT Analysis
  • Considering strengths, the organization has good management, full of experienced and qualified directors.
  • The major weakness in the firm is the limited number of medical personnel among other physicians.
  • The major external opportunity is winning the largest market share by luring potential clients.
  • The major threats entail stiff competition from other foreign firms.
Marketing Objectives and Strategies
  • Improving publicity in the foreign nations.
  • Increasing product awareness in the international market.
Marketing Mix
  • The firm will increase the product quality, to win potential customers.
  • The products will be availed to the market through effective and efficient distribution services.
  • Product promotion will entail advertisement through media, the internet and billboards to reach the targeted population.
Control Evaluation and Feedback
  • For the purpose of controlling the whole foreign marketing, different marketing officers among other directors will be in the ground to undertake coordination.
  • Evaluation will be taken at each stage in the different nations.
  • Reports on the progress and success will be channeled to the respective national heads and later delivered to the headquarters in the United States.

Buckley, P. (2002). International business versus international marketing. International Marketing Review, 19(1), 16-20