Sample Research Paper on Healthcare Provision

Healthcare Provision

Long term care hospitals are hospitals which focus on patients who, on average, need at least 25 day stay in a hospital. Many LTCH patients are the ones transferred from critical or intensive care unit. The LTCHs specialize in the treatment of patients who may be having more than one critical condition. However, these are the patients with a very high probability of improving their medical conditions with time and care (“Long-term care hospitals |”, 2016). Unlike the Long Term Care Hospitals which offers treatment for patients with more than one serious condition, Long Term Acute Care (LTACs) focuses on a small list of ailments. LTACs offers more individualized and a care that is resource intensive unlike the LTCHs. In short LTACs is a specialty care facility that attend to patients with serious medical condition which require special treatment for a period of not less than 20days (Healthcare, 2016).

Health record review process is an auditing procedure responsible for the examination of clinical and health record completion. This examination ensures that the discharged records comply with the standards of documentation. Both programs that is, the LTCH and the LTAC conduct health record review process to verify that their medical care practitioners and providers are aware of the expected level of care provided to patients. It also ensures that the care providers are aware of the requirements for record keeping and maintenance of confidential medical information. Aside from that, the health record review process is an assurance to the medical practitioners and care providers that the evaluation of the records is done in a consistent manner.

However, as the two programs are different in the patients they attend, the record review process also is different when it comes to some issues. The review period and timing is different for LTCH as compared to LTAC. LTCH deals with patients who have general medical conditions and who are expected to recover with time and care, meaning that their ailment is not unique as compared to patients under LTAC. For this reason therefore the review process for LTCH can take as long as one year. The review process for LTAC maybe even weekly since they deal with individualized cases which require a lot of care and attention (Healthcare, 2016).




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