Sample Research Paper on Community Engaged Learning Contract Brief Description of the Agency

Mt Nebo Training is an Emergency Medical School, which provides an EMT and Paramedic classes, as well as teaching a high school class about CPR and how to deal with some emergency events. Mt Nebo is dedicated to help people realize their goals of becoming an EMS Professional. Based on the website information, the agency has highly trained staff and experienced instructors know what it is like to work on the street as an EMS Professional. Every level of training, the staff assists its people achieve their goals and to not only pass the Utah and NREMT exams, but also get people ready to work on the street. Mt. Nebo Training also plays a great role towards improving the response to emergency medical situations in the streets, because the agency is concerned with EMT training in the U.S.A. EMTs are trained to quickly respond to emergency situations related to accident scenes, traumatic injuries and medical issues.  The major issue that is to be addressed is the provision of EMTs services to accidents scenes in the U.S.

Affected Population

The demand for EMTs and paramedics in the U.S is very high, and for this reason, Mt. Nebo training is working towards decrease in the supply and demand for these services. Based on a report released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were 30,057 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2013  (1). These statistics shows the vulnerability of Americans as a result of car crashes and road also shows how the demand for EMTs and paramedics it is in the U.S. The most affected population in the U.S is children and the middle class families, especially men. The U.S. Department of Transportation‘s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) add that most of the fatalities and crashes which require EMTS and paramedics services are such as fatalities among pedestrians, Motorcycle rider fatalities, Large-truck occupant fatalities, Deaths in crashes involving drunk drivers, and distraction-affected crashes (p.1). Therefore, the efforts by Mt. Nebo Training to increase the number of EMTs and paramedics in the US is justified given the high number of accidents experienced in the roads on daily basis.

Individual, Interpersonal, Community, and Societal Level Factors Influence the Severity of this Issue

Movement of goods and people on the U.S roads is significant for political, economic and social reasons, but the necessity for travel results to risk of road traffic injuries. A range of factors have been associated with severity of this issue. Some of the factors which have been associated with crash involvement in the U.S as provided by WHO but not limited to include: inappropriate and excessive speed, poor eyesight of road users, presence of alcohol, defects in road design, fatigue, travelling in darkness, being a young male and influence and presence of alcohol and other drugs (WHO p. 27-28). The personal level factors associated with the issue are age, physical impairments and gender (being a young male and youths driving) among others (Awadzi, Classen, Garvan and Komaragiri p. 40). At societal level, the factors that have influence on the issue include social and cultural norms of reckless driving, road factors. At relationship level, some of the factors that have influence are social circle-peers, partners and family members.

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