Sample Paper on Role of Support Groups in Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Support groups can play very vital roles towards ensuring people’s health in the community is improved. These groups usually consist of people who have a common interest in issues such as those of health matters. They bring people facing similar issues together in the society or community. For example, support groups could focus on specific situations for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, long term care and addiction among others. Family, friends, the Church and peers include people who can form support groups. Some of the benefits of social groups include: clarity of situations, reducing depression, sense of belonging and treatment options among others. Clarity of situations involves clearly advising the affected individuals on exactly what they are supposed to expect (MAYO CLINIC, 2015). For example, advising individuals on the side effects of drug addiction and providing information on the best treatment options are some functions performed by such groups.

PepsiCo is an example of one such group that has promoted healthy lifestyles among people especially the youth. Through various partnerships and grants, this company has encouraged young people and children to join sporting activities as a way of improving physical health of individuals (PEPSICO, 2015). For example, in 2013, this support group partnered with the Asian Football project to encourage young people and women in Asia to participate football related activities. As such, this collaboration focuses on the importance of football activities towards promoting healthy living. This support group also addresses issues such as nutritional imbalances and lifestyle related diseases affecting children and provides sponsorships for sports related activities (PEPSICO, 2015). Generally, the church can play important roles by visiting the sick in the society and providing them with comfort. Furthermore, communities can organize sports events and awareness programs like on a monthly basis to help promote healthy lifestyles and help needy people.


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