Sample Paper on Heart Attack

Heart attack is a medical disease or condition that always occurs as a result of plaque building inside an individual’s coronary arteries that supply blood to other vital parts of the body. Furthermore, studies have revealed that such condition manifests the moment the plaque ruptures inside the artery which then prompts blood to clot (Crowley, 2014). Consequently, as the clot builds up and becomes bigger it completely blocks the flow of blood making it difficult for vital cells to get nourishment.

Causes of Heart Attack

Studies have established that most heart attacks are caused by sudden interruption of blood flow to other vital body organs; this makes it difficult for cells and muscles to survive and ultimately they die (Crowley, 2014). Crowley (2014) further asserts that to the extreme, this may result to death because the heart may suddenly stop functioning due to inability to supply pump blood to body cells and organs. It is worth noting that sudden interruption of bold floor is instigated by poor lifestyle and eating habits characterized by excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy diet and living a life devoid of physical exercises.

Reducing Risk of Heart Attack

Old age is usually associated with the emergence of wrinkles, gray hair and other evident physical changes, however aging also impacts negatively on the heart. In his early 50s Arnold Reinhart needs to take some extra steps to prevent future occurrence of the problem. First, he should change his eating habits, switching to healthy diets characterized by plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as avoiding red meat, alcohol and fiber rich grains. Moreover, he should do more exercises by running, riding a bicycle or simply walking to rejuvenate cells and boost the heart efficiency in pumping blood.



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