Sample Paper on Healthy Life Style

SMART goal setting plays important role as it helps an individual improve or achieve his or her health lifestyle goals. The first short term goals that I will use this semester that ensure my health is improved include eating 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This goal would ensure it follows the SMART guidelines in various ways. To begin with, it will be specific as follows: during breakfast, one serving which is equivalent to one cup of fruits will be consumed at 10:00a.m and 4:00p.m will be consumed each day. Two servings of vegetables will be consumed during lunch and supper. This goal is measurable since the cup is used determine the number of servings to be taken per day. In terms of attainability, I will buy enough fruits and vegetables from the grocery shop. It will be rewarding and timely because eating more fruits and vegetables weekly would lead to my health improvement.

The second SMART short-term goal throughout this semester would involve joining a health fitness club in my home surrounding and working out three days a week. To begin with, this goal is specific because it involves joining a fitness club and not just getting shape. The physical fitness activity will be done each Monday, Tuesday and Friday each week. It will be measurable since the physical fitness activity would go for about 45 minutes for each of these days. Thirdly, it will be attainable since the fitness club is situated next to my place of residence making it easy to be committed. Finally, it will be timely and rewarding since it will be done three days a week throughout the semester and will make me feel like much has been done to gain shape and improve health.