Sample Paper on Contesting the Biologization of Violence in “Body and Soul’’ by Alondra Nelson

Formation of the Black Panther Party aimed at increasing the awareness of the sickle cell anaemia, a genetic disorder and reducing the high rate of violence among the Americans. The party developed many clinic networks, mostly among the blacks who appeared primitive and uncivilized during the era. I disagree with this perception towards the blacks, who were treated as aliens. Both the white and the blacks are equal despite their skin color.  The party not only focused on health matters but also social issues such as offering the African Americans some preventive care, housing services and employment, which I find plausible and beneficial to the blacks. Black Americans, who suffered from the condition, were discriminated against in health institutions making them overexposed to the harms associated with the disorder. They were also exposed to violence from the whites, which I find unethical.  I find it not only a reflection of the high inequality but also a reflection of racism. The whites were treated in a more special way than the blacks who faced discrimination instead. They fought for quality services in health institutions and thus made the blacks have harsh lifestyles.

I do not support the superiority attached to the whites because it was a source of disunity among the Americans.  I find building a self-sufficient health environment among the African Americans by the party is plausible and appropriate. It shows that the party cared about the welfare of all members of the society equally. In spite of the African Americans being sidelined in health institutions making them more exposed to the effects of sickle cell anaemia than the whites, the party devised a method to focus on their health.  I agree with the party’s move to concentrate not only on the health status of the blacks but also paying attention on other social issues, as it would improve their welfare. Those that were unemployed were offered with jobs thus getting incomes to improve on their lifestyles. I perceive it as an indication that the party was socially responsible about the welfare of the society. Therefore, other organizations should also take initiatives to engage in corporate social responsibility because it will reflect the care they have on the members of the society. Organizations are both profit centers as well as social assets.