Sample Paper on Characteristics of the Sanctuary Hospice

Sanctuary hospice offers medical services to patients with advanced diseases. It is characterized by medical, emotional and psychological support.  Financing is based on voluntary membership which is open to the public. This allows and gives hope to people living with terminally diseases for the future (Sanctuary Hospice House, 2015). It infers that personalized services are rendered to the clients hence raises the satisfaction levels.  Private schools on the other hand lay much emphasize on student development and education success. They are operated privately with little or no government interference.

Similarities in Strategic Planning

The two institutions are similar in the way they conduct their strategic planning. First, sanctuary hospice is dedicated to offer personalized services while private schools makes a strategic plan in consideration to student needs. This ensures that both organizations face competition in the market with courage. Secondly, benefits arises from terms and condition of services where parents cater for the education expenses for their private students while sanctuary hospice benefits from increased voluntary membership in terms of capital and labor. Lastly, the success factors are defined by the motivation to serve people in both cases, who find challenges accessing common services. Depending on the level of needs, the organization plan ahead for the ordeal and have flexible operating environment (Herrera, 2010).

Differences with Regard to Strategic Planning

The differences culminate from emphasis on good performance that leaves out other factors that affects success. Student in private schools adhere to the rules and regulations spelt out by the management, which has the authority to change them from time to time depending on the prevailing situation. Contrary, sanctuary hospice end up overdosing the patients in an effort to improve the patient’s health condition hence the management fails in the execution of its mandates (Herrera, 2010).


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