Sample Paper on Case Assignment for Target

Who are the stakeholders in the Target breach?

The stakeholders in this target breach are the customers who were both stolen and potentially stolen from, employees of the target breach whose work is to catch the “malware binary”.  The investors are not left behind, in this case, they include; Gregg Steinhafel the chairperson, CEO, and president.

What is the responsibility of each stakeholder group in the breach?

Gregg Steinhafel who is the chairman, responsibility is to ensure the company is ready and prepared to deal with hacks and give proper procedures that should be followed. The employees should be responsible for giving out notifications and taking action if malware is detected without ignoring it. The customer’s responsibility is to keep checking individual bank accounts and ensure that everything is intact and nothing is missing.

Does complying with the law negate any charges of unethical behavior on Target’s behalf?

Complying with the law does not negate any charges of unethical behavior if the company rules and regulations are in line with the law.  The rules need to be standard like those of other companies. Target had the power to control the malware hacking more than one time and this is unacceptable.

What can Target do to prove it will act ethically in the future and to regain the trust of its customers?

For the company to act ethically in the future, it will need to accommodate the situation. It will be forced to be socially responsible for proving and stating it will keep a check on its security and upgrade it if need be. This will reduce the customer’s security threats when they email the customers consistently or make telephone calls to alert them in the case of theft or fraud. In addition, they will need to carry out training for their employees to be able to serve customers better.


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