Sample Paper on Admission to Master of Public Health Program

I feel fortunate for the opportunity to apply for admission at the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale to pursue Masters in Public Health. I am a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Pre-health concentration from Tuskegee University class of 2016. I have nurtured my dream of serving in public health since my early years, a determination that saw me qualifying as a certified nurse assistant in my senior year of high school. My passion is to engage in a career that will transform human health positively. At first, my focus was to become a doctor, a dream that I aborted during my second year in college and focused on pursuing a course in public health. I feel challenged to commit myself to the obligation of serving the community.

I value hard work and thus grab every opportunity available to extend help to the needy including volunteering my services in different platforms. I served in the MISS Future MD (Minorities interested in science studies) both as a volunteer and secretary during my stay in college. Some of the responsibilities I undertook included offering ACT prep, conducting science labs, and hosting a path to premed conference. I also played the role of a consultant by advising interested parties on the right educational path to follow to becoming doctors and other medicine-related careers.

I ensure to run my voluntary duties on a continuing basis, and some of my ongoing programs include volunteering at the Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition and Women’s Center, Inc. of Carbondale. Besides, I am a GED Instructor at John A. Logan College and a Case Manager Assistant at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. I believe participating in voluntary services is a demonstration of in-depth passion and a way of keeping the desire to serve the public alive.

I possess excellent communication skills, a fundamental competence for professionals in public health. The roles of a public health worker involve communicating with patients and their relatives. Moreover, one has to be in regular interaction with other medical professionals either orally or in writing. Failure to demonstrate strong communication competencies could lead the professional to prepare inappropriate reports or cause misunderstandings with clients and their family members and can play a significant role in hindering the treatment process.

I cultivate professional relations with colleagues since I believe it is a necessary ingredient in promoting the spirit of teamwork. I possess a friendly personality which helps me to mingle well with coworkers, patients, and their families. I am a good planner, and my organizational abilities are excellent. I have selected the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale among other institutions because I have faith in the school to equip me with the necessary knowledge for my career of choice. I have consulted some alumni students, and they have confirmed I am making the right decision to join your university. I thus have no doubts that I will be learning from the best.

The Southern Illinois University of Carbondale is within my hometown thus increasing my morale to join the program. It will be an opportunity to give back to the immediate society by applying my education to address their health concerns. My career goal is to obtain a fellowship that will facilitate the establishment of a public health career with the CDC. Alternatively, I look forward to beginning a career in health promotion where I will partner with a community public health agency. The Southern Illinois University of Carbondale is the ideal institution that will prepare me adequately for the role.