Sample Essay on Summary of the Article

The article is about the possibility of introducing performance measurement for physical and other care providers to enhance the quality of care. According to the article, several strategies have been used to cater to this need, albeit unsuccessfully. Majority of care providers are unwilling to submit to these performance measurement strategies believing that they are unfair, biased, and an insult to their professionalism to their work. However, customers, employers, and insurers are continually looking for ways to encourage the provision of performance measurement not only for medical institutions, but also for the physicians and caregivers in those institutions (Thomas, Troyen & Arnold 1435). Therefore, a stalemate exists on the provision of these tests. The successful performance measurement strategies that have already been implemented and were supposed to be released to the public, have received court injunctions preventing this exposure. According to the court orders, exposure and provision of physician and caregiver’s performance measurement scores would be an infringement of the right to privacy as protected within the constitution.

Article Critique

What is the baseline for assessment of the performance of physicians and caregivers? Would the results of the tests result in better health care delivery, or would cause poor morale and disillusionment for the medical staff? If this performance measurement tests were successfully presented to the public, would it not serve to disparage and victimize physicians included in the tests? These are some of the pertinent questions that need to be answered before any progress can be made in this endeavor. Has performance measurement and public exposure of employees in other industries been successful, or what affects either positive or negative has it elicited? In this context, the viability of the use of performance measurement is still a virgin field of consideration and research that should be delicately and articulately approached.

Works Cited

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