Sample Essay on Substance Abuse

Should Marijuana be legalized for recreational use?

Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use to curb revenue streams for illegal drug trade. Legalizing marijuana would enhance safety controls, as the government would establish rules on how to use marijuana. Legalization would boost states’ revenue through tax, in addition to allowing law enforcement personnel to focus on crimes that are more violent. Legalizing marijuana would help to convince those who are already addicted to it to seek treatment and counseling rather than scare them with punitive punishments.

  1. What is the therapeutic use of Aspirin? Discuss adverse effects and medical concern.

Aspirin is a common drug that is normally used to treat moderate pain, in addition to minimizing fever. Aspirin can also be used in higher doses to eradicate rheumatic fever, rheumatic arthritis, and inflammatory joint problems. However, use of Aspirin for treatment has been linked with adverse effects that include heartburn, irritation of stomach, nausea, and epigastric distress. Daily Aspirin use may facilitate in development of stomach ulcer as well as allergic reaction.  Use of Aspirin also interferes with the nervous system, leading to agitation, dizziness, and headache.


  1. Explain the beneficial purpose of Morphine and other Opioids. what are the drawbacks for using these drugs?

Morphine is a form of narcotics, usually exploited medically to relieve severe pain, suppress cough, as well as to relieve fear and anxiety. For terminal cancer patients and victims of road accidents, morphine is exceedingly helpful in relieving pain. Morphine is also utilized during surgery as a sedative. Other opioid medicines are also useful in relieving pain. On the contrary, use of morphine and other pain relieving opioids can cause constipation as well as decreased gastrointestinal motility. The effects of morphine are felt directly within the central nervous system, hence, highly addictive.

  1. Discuss the connection between alcohol use, crime and violent behavoir. Is the penalty for drunk driving to harsh?

Scientists have connected alcohol consumption with violence and aggressive behaviour in the sense that alcohol stifles brain mechanisms that control reckless behaviours. When an individual becomes violent due to influence of alcohol, he/she is likely to engage in rape and violent crime. Alcohol impairs judgment and encourages individuals to act against societal expectations. In my opinion, the penalty for drunk driving is not too harsh since are intended to offer personal, as well as public safety on the road. Driving under influence of alcohol can lead to death; hence, harsh penalties can tame the vice.

  1. What is the medical purpose for Marijuana? Should marijuana be listed lower on drug control schedule?

The US government, through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the marijuana plant to be utilized a medicine to treat loss of appetite, memory loss, and relieving pain. Marijuana plant contains Cannabinoids, which are essential in altering the mind through enhancing appetite and reducing nausea. Due to its medicinal value, marijuana should be listed in a lower schedule since it no longer fits in the most tightly restricted drugs. Rescheduling marijuana would also allow patients to gain from its therapeutic value.

  1. Explain 2 causes for concern related to smoking tobacco? Should business and other establishments have dedicated area to smoke?

One of the dangers of smoking tobbaco is that tobacco smoke harms blood cells, as well as the heart, leading to cardiovascular diseases that include heart attack and high blood pressure. Smoking tobacco also cause damage to the lungs, resulting in asthmam, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, and a number of these chemicals cause cancer. Since tobacco is a legal drug, restaurants, bars, and other recreational facilities should establish areas where smokers can engage in their habit without disturbing the environment of those who do not support on engage in smoking.

  1. Discuss the treatment breakthrough for treating Opioid addiction with Suboxone. Compare Suboxone to Methadone treatment.

Doctors support the use of Suboxone in the treating opioid addiction because its effects are negligible even when administered in large doses. What makes Suboxone unique is that it has the capacity to block the opioid receptor if the dosage is increased, thus, discouraging stimulation. However, Suboxone is not effective for patients with heavy opiate habits. On the other hand, Methadone is also used in the treatment of opioid addiction, although it can be abused if taken in large doses. Patients can abuse Methadone if they are allowed to administer it at home.