Sample Essay on Smoking in Campus

Policy Statement

The campus acknowledges that smoking of any substance poses a health risk, not just to the smoker, but also to the general public, that is, those in the vicinity of a smoking person.  As part of the campus’ efforts to sustain a healthy learning environment for the students, and a healthy working environment for the staff, the campus finds itself in a position where it has to instill strict measures as regards smoking.

The campus also recognizes the fact that quitting smoking can be an enormous challenge to surmount. For that reason, as part of an effort in implementing this policy, there will be acclimatization programs in place.


            The term ‘smoking’, as used here, means smoking of any substance including but not limited to cigarettes, bang or cloves.

The campus environment comprises the campus buildings and housing owned by the campus; campus sidewalks and parking lot; campus stadiums; recreational areas; and vehicles owned and leased by the campus regardless of where they are happen to be located.

This policy applies to everyone within the campus’ environment, where the ‘campus environment’ is as defined above. They include campus employees, students, visitors and external individuals or companies who are affiliated to the campus, renting space and/ or property that are under the campus’ ownership.

A period of education and acclimatization is scheduled for a fortnight since the date of writing of this memo as indicated at the top.

A day after the training and acclimatization, the campus shall be a no smoking zone. The zone here refers to the entire campus environment. In order to accommodate the already addicted smokers, there will be availed designated places where smoking will be allowed. However, this will apply only to tobacco smokers. Any other type of substance will not be tolerated. E-cigarettes will not be allowed anywhere other than the designated areas.

The sale, distribution and sampling of tobacco or any other substance that can be smoked is forbidden from the campuses jurisdiction.

The leftovers of smoked cigarettes shall not be allowed to litter the university. All smokers will be required to take the appropriate cleanliness steps to make sure that the university is clean enough for a conducive learning environment.

The above rules and regulation apply to anyone with the campus environment.


All campus staff, students, faculty, visitors and contractors are bound by this policy. There will be a proportionate response upon  identification of cases of violation of  the policy.

In cases where public lectures or any other events of social or cultural nature, or conferences and  meetings,  where the participants may not be familiar with the campus’ policies regarding conduct, the organizers will be required to orient the participants.  All organizers are expected to be aware of the campus’ policies.  They will be liable in case of any incident of violation.

Concerning the consequences of violation, a student or employ may be subjected to disciplinary action. Other violators may be educated or banned from the campus environment.

Some of the responses to smokers who violate the policy will be the following: visitors will be asked to leave the campus and contractors will be referred to their respective employees

The policy is intended to safeguard the health of not only others within the environment, but that of the smoker as well. Addicted smokers are advised to seek help.