Sample Essay on Reading Response

Treatment of Disabled People in the Society

The disabled people are treated in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable. In my school, the facilities used by able-bodied students are the same facilities availed to the disabled students. There are no good facilities installed in the school to cater for their special needs. Able-bodied students who believe they were cursed also discriminate against them. For example, other members eliminate a disabled person from a discussion group.

Mairs’ Self Revelations

Mairs’ self-revelation enhances her theme in the following ways. It assists the reader connect to the story. Her experience is very significant in outlining the most crucial events in the story, which is a factor that enhances thematic structuring of her story.


Pecky is writing about her condition of being plumb. She has never experienced discrimination in public places or being scorned by her friend for being plumb. She did not know that as she grew up, she would not be as attractive as she thought. She heard of discrimination based on color and body size but she has never gone through such. Her purpose of writing this essay was to sensitize the public against actions of discrimination against people based on their body features.

Pecky is comparing her younger days with her adult life. She thought it would be the best in comparison to the reality. In her younger days, she never thought that when she grows up no one would be interested in her huge body. This is where she went to the shoe salesman who measured her foot and gave her a negative result. She did not expect to be told that her foot was too large to get a pair of shoes to fit her.

Remembering My Childhood in Africa

Sedaris compares and contrasts his experience by subject. This is where he talks about the experience that hurts, which he had in Congo and Somalia, and compares it to his experience in Ethiopia. He compares a hurting experience with a monkey to his experience with a cat. Hurts watched movies in a movie theatre and went to play out by throwing stones to crocodiles. This experience showed the development factors of the two situations. The subjects are related to each other by circumstances.

Sedaris is very specific in his narration, especially where he talked about the dead man hanging on a telephone post. Hurt is extremely astonished to notice that people are unmoved by the movie, which according to his thought appeared real. This was the time they moved to Ethiopia. When he narrated the story to some of his fellow students, they recognized that it was the movie. Through the choice of the language, he is able to present hurting situations as being indecent.

Private and Public Language

A family language is private to a person, and an individual uses it at ease. On the other hand, a person would find some difficulty in speaking or understanding any public language. My family and I speak Spanish very well, and I grew up knowing the language because I used it more often at home. The language is different from English that I struggle with, and use it in school and public places to communicate to people. The behavior presented by the private language is attached to my culture while public language involves adapting to other cultures that are formal.