Sample Essay on Prevention Project

Prevention is considered to be better than cure. In relation to drug and substance abuse, it is important to develop relevant strategies to ensure that people do not opt to abuse drugs and other substances, (Schaller, 2007). The aim of this prevention project is to do an analysis of the case of silver city in terms of the risks and protective factors. Additionally, this article talks about substance abuse prevention and it proposes rehabilitation as a way of preventing students from using drugs and other substances in the community.

Risk/protective factors
Availability of drugs-SA; V

The risk factors which were found in the case of silver city shows the risk of availability of drugs.The fact that some of the children in the community are into drugs is a clear indication that the community poses a high risk of availability of drugs in their area (Hillman,2008). This implies that the students can easily access drugs when they wish. As from the case, it is evident that the most drugs which have been highly abused are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine among others.

Community laws and norms favorable toward drug use-SA; D; V

The other risk factor which has led to the increased abuse of drugs in silver city is the fact that the available norms in the community are favorable towards the abuse of drugs and other substances. Comer (2013), “when the community laws favor drug abuse, it becomes easy for the members of the community to abuse these drugs.” This has gone from bad to worse because children in the community are aware that the laws and norms are not strictly against the abuse of drugs and other substances.

Low neighborhood attachment and community disorganization- SA; D; V

Looking at the case of silver city, most of the community members are Caucasians who have lived in the community for a long period of time. There is also a small population of African Americans who remain isolated from the community’s resources which has made them to cling towards the resources of the community. This clearly shows that there is a low neighborhood attachment and that the community is partially disorganized because this small proportions of the African Americans continue to cling towards their areas of origin.

Lack of commitment to school-SA; D; V; TP; DO

Lack of commitment to school could also be a major risk factor as to why there is increased drug and substance abuse within silver city. Generally, when the students are committed to school, they tend to avoidbehaviors which are likely to make them drop out of school such as drug and substance abuse (Hillman,2008).

Protective Factors
Individual characteristics of a person.

One of the protective factors related to drug and substance abuse is one which is related to the individual characteristics of a person such as having a positive social orientation. This factor is important as it will help in preventing individuals from getting into necessary peer influence which in most cases lead them into drug and substance abuse. Students also need to be intelligent in order to discern between what is good and bad.In this case, they are likely to avoid drugs and substance abuse (Schaller, 2007).



Bonding is an important factor in helping a student restrain from drugs and substance abuse. Being attached to a positive family, friends and teachers is significant in restraining from drug or substance abuse. A student can also be attached to the school and the community. This will be important as it will help the student to identify the approved norms and codes of conducts which are necessary in ensuring that he/she does not get into drug and substance abuse. It is also vital to set positive pre-social goals which will act as a guide in avoiding drugs and substance abuse (Schaller, 2007).

Healthy beliefs and clear standards

Healthy beliefs and clear standards are important in protecting students from drugs and substance abuse. The important standards which are beneficial in this case are those based on pro-social beliefs and values. Students should also follow the standards which are supported by people they are bound to (Hillman,2008). In this case, they should clearly identify the consequences which may arise if these standards are not clearly followed as expected in the society.

Substance abuse prevention

Substance abuse prevention is an important element in ensuring that the wellbeing of students is considered. It is considered that prevention is better than cure. Substance abuse prevention is important especially in saving on the cost used in purchasing the drugs which are usually expensive. The other rationale for prevention of drug abuse is securing an individual’s health. In this regard, a person or a student becomes safe from mental and health illnesses such as lung cancer, liver cirrhosis among others (Schaller, 2007).

Rehabilitation programme to help students stop abusing drugs and other substances

This will help in ensuring that students in silver city who have opted to use drugs and other substances are now in a better position to help this trend and to ensure that they focus on their school activities (Schaller, 2007). The targeted population in this case are the students of silver city who have opted to misuse drugs and other substances. The rationale of this is to help in reducing behavioral disorders among others.


In conclusion, it is important to identify the risk factors which can lead students to abuse of drugs and other substances in ensuring that proper strategies are developed to prevent this menace. In the event where the students have been addicted to the use of drugs and other substances, rehabilitation will be important in helping students to regain normalcy (Schaller, 2007).



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