Sample Essay on Post Traumatic Stress in Elderly

Many development changes happening in older adults amount to stressors. Several reasons exist as to why posttraumatic stress may amplify with age. They include weakening sensory capacity, physical weakness, involvement in natural disaster or war, financial limitations, and isolation, among other reasons. Such people require ample assistance from their spouses, or other helpers, to undertake their day-to-day functions and to fight loneliness. This study will focus on understanding posttraumatic stress among the aging population by conducting an interview to an elderly woman, who takes care of her elderly husband, who suffers from the ailment.

Plans for Interview

In my quest to understand posttraumatic stress among elderly people, I visited a home where an 88-year-old woman lives with her 90-year-old husband. I discovered that she was full of energy, although she could not move as fast as she wanted. Luckily, she had a domestic worker, who assisted her in offering adequate care for her husband, who seemed to be experiencing trauma. With his age, it was possible that he had a posttraumatic disorder. Despite her age, the woman demonstrated a great understanding of what her husband was going through. The following are some of questions that I had planned to ask the 88-year old woman:

  • How long have you stayed together as husband and wife?
  • How did you know that your husband was suffering from posttraumatic stress?
  • What do you think is the core cause of posttraumatic stress that your husband is suffering from?
  • Do you know any other factor that could have led to your husband’s suffering?
  • How do you manage to take care of your husband?
  • Do you receive aid from your children, voluntary groups, or government? Please explain.
  • Is your husband under any medication or any form of psychotherapy?
  • In case of emergency, do you call a family doctor, or do you visit the nearest health facility?