Sample Essay on Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Healthcare is one of the vast and most important fields in the world. Daily, several people experience illnesses that are often directed to physicians in healthcare institutions. Effective management of healthcare organizations is very important as it helps maintain the loyalty and belief of the patients. It is worth noting that the healthcare system is associated with a number of aspects that have caused or rather stirred debates in organizations across the world. This paper will focus on one of the aspects, that is, patient rights. The paper will give a definition of patient rights and how they should be followed strictly. Besides, the paper will look at how the following patient rights in organizations have led to the success of a number of healthcare institutions and organizations.

To begin with, understanding patient rights is one of the main factors that are considered when employing nurses and other medical practitioners such as physicians. Patients, like other members of the global community or society, are entitled to specific rights. Thus, patient rights are the aspects that must be put in place and followed to the latter by medical practitioners so as to ensure that the comfort of the patients is achieved. Though it has been a big problem, medical practitioners have done all they can to ensure that all patients are comfortable.

Depending on the health organizations, there are a number of patient rights. Patients are said to have the right to respectful care that has or should be given to them by very competent and knowledgeable personnel. Second, patients have the right of knowing the names of the nurses or physicians that are attending to them or any other medical practitioner with direct contact with the patient. Third, patients in all health organizations have the right to confidentiality regarding their own treatment and care programs. Fourth, patients have the right to have medical procedures implemented on them without any unnecessary delays.

In a good number of successful organizations, the success is credited to the strict following of the rights of the patients. For instance, strict following of patient rights ensures that the health care institutions are in line with the policies of governments hence they cannot be shut down. Moreover, it is worth noting that when medical practitioners in healthcare organizations follow patient rights strictly, they establish good rapport between the patients and the medical practitioners. In the modern century, despite the increase in the number of quacks in the field of healthcare, it should be noted that profitability still remains their main objective and not the welfare of the patients. Thus, it can be argued that by following the rights of patients in healthcare institutions, the management of the institutions will achieve great profitability.

In conclusion, patient rights are very important in healthcare institutions today as they ensure that there is proper running and management of the organizations in adherence to the set policies and regulations. It is also worth noting that the success of healthcare organizations greatly depends on how the managements follow the rights of patients. Patients are the backbones of the existence of healthcare organizations. Thus, they should be treated with the respect and effectiveness they deserve. Recruitment of qualified medical staff with knowledge of the rights of patients is very important. Great focus and more investment should be put in the global healthcare sector so as to bring to a halt the unnecessary deaths and illnesses witnessed today.