Sample Essay on National Trends in Patient Safety for Four Common Conditions, 2005–2011

Congestive heart failure, conditions demanding surgery, pneumonia and myocardial infection are four common conditions given most attention for patient’s aged 65 years and above. The study reveals that little is known on the effects of changes and efforts to ensure national quality improvement and how it affects the safety of patients hospitalized with these conditions in United States of America (USA) (Yun et al, 2011). Medicare Patient Safety Monitoring System (MPSMS) has large database where vital information was obtained for the study. The study required data and information from MPSMS with relevant patient’s information from the year 2005 to 2011.

Experimental measures were carried to get three expected outcomes: the rate of incidence of adverse condition that threatened the patients, the measure of patients with one or more adverse condition, and the figure of adverse cases per 1000 hospitalizations. Models were made for each situation separately and analyses were done with the use of version 9.2 SAS software.

Patient’s safety has been considered one of main healthcare issue in USA as the research reveals that the rate of in-hospital adverse event has declined significantly among the person suffering from the two common conditions, acute congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction (Yun et al, 2011). However, there was no decline witnessed for patients with conditions requiring surgery and those with pneumonia. The decline might indicate general overall efforts by the nation to ensure improvement in patient’s safety during the study period. However, the finding in the study revealed an increased adverse-event rate amongst surgical patients portrays an ongoing challenge and point a significant target for patient-safety initiatives. The experimental association between longer hospital stays and adverse events may simply be a sign of the greater chance for adverse events to build up in the event of longer stay. The question poses from the study is “what national efforts are focused on patient safety.


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