Sample Essay on Military Healthcare System

The United States Department of Defense provides healthcare benefits to military personnel under various acts. For example, the Compensation Workers (WC) who has suffered illnesses and injuries are enrolled under long-term benefits act and they contribute to occupational loss of manpower and time. Marianne, Timothy, Hellen, and Lisa conducted a study in which they sort to identify whether contract cost managers could help in reducing the health wage bill and preventing injuries at work. The article “Contract Case Managers Prove Cost Effective in Federal Workers’ Compensation Programs” was published in 2008 by the U.S. Army (253). According to Marianne et al., the military services lost 4.6 million hours of productive work time due to occupational injuries and illnesses between 2001 and 2003 and the figures were facing a continuous upward trend (254). As a result, the organization decided to hire external expatriates, contract case managers, who provided integration with installation injury compensation program administrators at the four sites and arranged for access to the federal WC data.
            The study found out that locally based contract medical case managers could produce a 4:1 return on investment in cost savings. In addition, there was a $600,000 reduction in medical and short-term disability costs in the military base. The use of contract case managers intertwines with the affordable care act (2010) which propagates for a reduction of healthcare costs in both individuals and the government. In 2014, the highest part of the united states G.D.P. has been formulated to the healthcare system. This implies that most of the government’s expenditure goes to the health system and programs such as contract case managers may be effective in attaining the affordable care act 2010 objectives.
Work cited

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