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Steve Hirsch authored an article on ways to prevent prostate cancer through nutrition and exercise on the Huffington blog.  The article affirms cases of prostate cancer especially in United States occur after the age of sixty-nine years. The victims are often from African and Caribbean ancestry affirming the cancer is greatly related to age and family history. The author however wrote the article to affirm several factors can be undertaken to prevent the cancer. These comprise of exercising through increase of physical activities and a balanced diet. The physical activities can include running, jogging, and attending the gym often. Conversely, the healthy diet should comprise of vegetables such as cauliflower, kales, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and bok choy among others. Men should also differentiate between bad and good fats. Bad fats are often acquired from red meat while good fats such as fish are acquired from white meat. The diet should be complimented by a reduced intake of alcohol (Steve 1).

Personal Reflection

Various studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of prostate cancer among men. The Prostate Cancer Foundation has been on the frontline to educate global citizens on ways to reduce chances of developing and suffering from prostate cancer. Although the author asserts Asian men who do not migrate to North American have lowest risk of developing prostate cancer, I believe all human beings are at risk. This is because a poor lifestyle and inadequate exercise enhance chances of developing the illness. Thus, men should read and heed the author’s advice in order to lead longer healthy lives. They should also consume anti-oxidant foods preventing cell damage and prostate cancer. Exercises such as cardiovascular movements, regular walks, and running should also be part of a healthy lifestyle preventing prostate cancer. Thus, this article is educative and informative to men and women desiring to lead long and healthy lives without risking development of cancer.


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