Sample Essay on Medical care

Among these diseases, cardiovascular is the most prevalent in family. We are six in our family. My father, mother, two brothers, and sister. Among the six, my mother and youngest sister suffers from cardiovascular diseases. My mother inherited it from her maternal grandmother while my sister inherited it from my mother. The encouraging news to us is that is it manageable. Research and statistics has identified various factors, which tend to increase the risk of the problem. It is the only disease with many risks factors, which cannot be changed. This is because it is a hereditary disease. The main risk factors are family history, High and LDL cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, post menopause for older women, obesity. The greater the level of each of these, the higher the percentage of the high coronary disease in one’s body. Additionally, the more the signs in one’s body, the greater the probability of having the disease.

Research has also proved that people who are born with the disease are less likely to change. This disease develops at childhood and continues throughout teenage years. At least 82% of the people who are likely to die of the problem are above 65 years old. Older women tend to die faster than their male counterparts, under the same condition do. It is also more likely for children born of the parents having the same disease to develop it in their lives.

In order to manage the disease, it is advisable to take preventive measures. Moreover, the preventive measures have greater benefits in one’s lifetime. The main warning signs of the disease are chest pains, fatigue, shortness of breath and palpitations. It is recommended to see a doctor immediately such signs and symptoms are felt. To manage this disease, it is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle. This includes good nutrition, management of weight and plenty of physical exercise.