Sample Essay on Managed Care

Managed Care

Managed care organizations were created in order to improve the health standards of individuals (Moin, Scales & Sinay, 2014). Although the projects appear as if they focus on individuals, they target the entire community. The organizations were directed towards creating a healthy population at reduced costs (Hunt, 2013). Since their introduction, managed care organizations have achieved most of their objectives. Technological advancement and health plans have enabled the spread of acute health services even in remote areas (Hunt, 2013).

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is one of the bodies that have proved the benefit of managed care (Moin, Scales & Sinay, 2014). The agency was established to offer equal health opportunities, especially to the marginalized communities. It has come up with various programs such as the Center for Medicine and Medicaid (CMS) that are involved in health promotion and the prevention of illness (Moin, Scales, & Sinay, 2014). The agency also conducts research to detect rapidly and intervene in healthcare to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Quality management has also been achieved in various ways. The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) is an example of a health plan that has managed the quality of life through interventions such as the asthma program (Moin, Scales & Sinay, 2014). The plan has provided a platform where members who have disabilities can access vital information that can help in the management of their conditions to avoid acute attacks (Moin, Scales & Sinay, 2014). Claims that managed care organizations have not fulfilled their intended effect are not solid because the US president has signed different acts to foresee . Acts such as the Senate Healthcare Bill have cut down health costs and improved quality and access (Moin, Scales & Sinay, 2014).


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