Sample Essay on Interview with Redonda G. Miller – President, John Hopkins Hospital


The Management interview targets Redonda G. miller, the President of John Hopkins hospital (Hub Staff Report, 2016). Dr. Miller formerly served as the Vice President for Medical Affairs at the hospital, a position which placed her in charge of medical staff administration, health information management, pharmacy, hospital epidemiology and infection control, patient safety and spiritual care and chaplaincy at the hospital (John Hopkins Medicine, 2016). As such, she possesses sufficient information regarding the Hospital’s operations, its challenges and strengths and can provide an in- depth interview about the hospital.

Interview Questions
  1. Your credentials indicate that you place great value on the healthcare sector, why did you choose this sector?
  2. As the president of John Hopkins hospital, an institution recognized as one of the biggest providers of healthcare and related services, how do you make sure that the organization delivers quality healthcare for all patients at all the time?
  3. How can you show the value of the organizational services as delivered to businesses, insurers, the government and to patients? Is there a way you ensure that the company balances its key competencies to ensure that all the stakeholder s gain value services?
  4. Are there any collaboration efforts you may have spearheaded together with other healthcare providers to improve community healthcare status?
  5. As the Vice President for Medical Affairs at the John Hopkins Hospital you had a wide range of responsibilities, are there any mistakes that you made during those crucial years? If any, do you regret some of them and did you learn from them?
  6. How can you say that your experience as the vice president for Medical Affairs influenced your growth into your present role as the organization’s president?
  7. Have you ever experienced a situation where a member of the organization presented an entrepreneurial spirit? What kind of project was proposed and how did you react to it?
  8. The healthcare industry is faced with several challenges; one of them is the resistance to change that is prevalent among hospital staff. Did you face any such resistance and how did you address the challenge?
  9. How do you ensure that the organizational goals are well aligned throughout the organizational structure? Is there a way through which the hospital measures performance in real time?
  10. As the president of one of the most reputable hospitals in the country, you have to be up to date with new laws and regulations as well as with change in the healthcare sector, how do you do this given your busy schedule?
  11. From your biography obtained from the hospital’s website, it is clear that you have spent a great amount of time striving for patient safety in institutional settings. Can you describe some of the efforts you have made towards disease prevention and control?
  12. What do you think a random member of staff at the hospital who has worked with you since 2009 say about you?
  13. How do you make sure that John Hopkins hospital is keeping up with the advances in Medical technologies?
  14. What can you do when confronted with a problem that has to be solved but you have contradicting information?
  15. What changes would you like to see in the organization within the coming five years? Do you think the organization has the necessary capacity to achieve these changes?



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