Sample Essay on in Your Opinion what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the America’s Health Care System?

It is worth noting that the American health care system is made up of health care insurance plans that are aimed at providing different types of health care services to the people. These plans and programs are funded both by the government and private organizations. This explains why the U.S health care system was ranked among the best in the world at number 37 (Shi Leiyu and Douglas Singh 42). The current health care system has been on the fore front in providing solutions to the troubling state of the health care from an unprecedented crisis by involving policy makers and health care experts.


It is a fact that the U.S health care system is one of the best in the world and so provides the best insurance plans with lots of benefits for those with good incomes. This is because United States has some of the best medical research systems and facilities, hence, formulates the best insurance plans for its people (Shi Leiyu and Douglas Singh 55). Researchers from institutions like Harvard medical school have been helpful in assisting the formulation of health care policies to ensure effective provision of health care services to the citizens (Shi Leiyu and Douglas Singh 25). This, in my opinion, is good for the health of the people as they can access the best insurance plans and consequently improved health services. Secondly, the health system enjoys massive allocation of budgetary funds compared to the other sectors of the economy. This to me is an advantage as the tax payers to do not have to bear the liability of being excessively taxed so as to provide health services to each individual in the society. The cost of accessing medical services in U.S. is high compared to other countries in the world and by so, not all can be insured. This means that those who can access the services will do so using their own income, hence, not burdening the subjects with increased costs to insure everybody in the country.


Having insurance programs in the hands of private institutions is disadvantageous to the people as there is a tendency to underinsure or the citizens being completely uninsured. The private players in health insurance comprises of employers who at times may be manipulative in the insurance programs that they offer to their employees. This, in my opinion is a hindrance on accessing health services by the people and hence posing as a major weakness to the system. Another disadvantage that manifests itself in the health care system is the fact that insurance plans are so expensive in U.S. yet the citizens are not healthier than other nations that charge less to access the services. It has been confirmed that a greater percentage of the nation’s GDP is spent on health care access.

As part of the U.S. health care system stewardship committee, what would you do to enhance it?

As part of the stewardship committee member I would advocate for legislations that will bring in reforms to the system by extending the insurance plans and programs to more citizens. In addition, I will advocate for the reduction in the cost that was outlined to be high while improving on the efficiencies of health service providers to ensure wellness of the people. As a team player in in the committee, my aim would be to petition for universality of access to health care services so as to cover all Americans.


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