Sample Essay on Alcoholism and Humanity

Alcoholism is a disease of the current generation as it is cutting from the age of the young to the adults. This evident in the addiction in it.

What is addiction

Addiction is the act of finding it hard for a person to come to stop abusing a substance(Donatelle 2015). Moreover, it’s hard for the addicts to fight the feeling of addiction since the addicts themselves has to break away from previous patterns of consuming substances

Symptoms of addiction

A person addicted to alcohol suffer from the “morning- after” effect which the alcoholicfeel nausea, fatigued and tired. the second symptom is hungover, which is often associated with dizziness, drowsiness a person usually feel the urge to drink. The other symptom is the gastrolienal complains(Donatelle 2015). That is, the alcoholic complains of a general feeling of discomfort all over the body. The final symptom is that a person find it  hard to withdraw from consumption of alcohol patterns.

How addiction is developed.

Addiction, is developed from the small consumptions of alcohol to much drinks. Moreover, the addiction can be developed in line with variety of chances, starting from blood relations to social attitudes and social pressures in the society leading to addiction.

What are common addictive behaviors

The behaviors include the denial by the addicts that they are alcoholics. The alcoholics mostly wants to cause problems to both the family and other non-relatives. In addition to this, the most majority indulge in rape and many moral activities after getting drunk. The most affected are the students who start to drink at the age of twenty-one claiming to celebrate birthday. Finally mostaddicts that have reformed do not want to use the word cured but reforming(Donatelle 2015).



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