Sample Dissertation Discussion Paper on Quantitative Data Analysis: Statistical Techniques

The quantitative approach in research is becoming more significant in the field of health sciences. The quantitative examination of the qualitative studies published in 2000 for more than 150 journals are examined. All the recognized researches that applied qualitative methods were analyzed to verify the journals, which applied qualitative research (Giacomini & Cook 2000). Methods, background information of the studies, and methodology of the journals are highlighted. Out of 60330 types of research that were appraised, 355 were realized to have applied qualitative methods while 12 were systematic review articles. Out of these, nursing journals led in the application of qualitative methodology. Only four applied qualitative methodology analysis while 37 applied mixed methods. Non-health care environments were the central focus whereas phenomenology and grounded theory were mainly applied in the research. No substantive variation was experienced in the journals with varied titles as compared to journals with nursing titles. The research concluded that diverse journals apply the mixed methodology in qualitative research (McKibbon & Gadd 2004).

The main objective was to verify the significance of quantitative application in health research. It is apparent that quantitative research offers several solutions and insights in clinical research. The authors asserts that diverse researchers prefer qualitative analysis in the health research. This has been proved by the collection of previously published journals in 2000 (Miller & Crabtree 2001).  Researchers dissected the abstract of the journals to verify this claim. Other methods applied included MEDLINE, CINAHL and EMBASE. Among the findings included that qualitative studies applied inductive instead of deductive analysis. Apparently qualitative and quantitative methodological analysis are applied together for enhanced analysis of the findings (McKibbon & Gadd 2004).


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